It seems that everyone I know in Blog Land has jumped on the Twitter Train (phrase stolen from Piglet) and it’s rollin’ down the track and I’m left standing at the station with my Louis Vuitton bag (yeah right) and a Timmy Ho’s Double-Double and a half-eaten bagle. Do I want to buy a ticket or just hang loose? Hmmmn.

Twitter seems like a simple enough concept. JuJu likes it cause it’s quick and easy and you can put a single thought or statement out there when you don’t have time to write an entire blog post. I have found that I enjoy reading snippets of people’s day here and there. Like I mentioned to her, I have at least several thoughts or happenings every day that I think I would like to incorporate into a post, but by themselves are not much to build on. If I decide to save them for a random post, they get forgotten. She said that Twitter is great for just that reason.

I was especially surprised to see that Mark is on board; I’m wondering if he’s finding it hard to just write a sentence or two at a time… (kidding Mark! xo)

But I’ve decided that, even though I’m feeling left out, that’s just one more thing that I’d be adding to an already-full plate and I just plain don’t have the time. Chances are I’d get all obsessive about it and I sure don’t need any more obsessions in my life. And I’ve never been one to jump on the bandwagon train just because everyone else is doing something. So I think I’ll pass. I was slow to get a microwave and a cellphone. I was the last person in America to see The Titanic. People were posting and boasting archives before I even knew what a Blog was. I guess I’ll just hold out and sit back and watch y’all havin’ fun and twitterin’.

6 responses to “SOUNDS LIKE A KID’S GAME

  1. Funny you should mention that!

  2. ha, i do believe i inquired to you my fair lady about having a go on the twitter train. or, could be i just thought about asking you πŸ™‚

    it has some positives in you get links to neat stuff and everything is condensed. good practice for me in keeping it short.

  3. Ha! So jeff a Twitters, too.

    I do it for exactly the reasons you mention – to shoot out a quick thought that doesn’t warrant a full-blown post (and mine blow pretty hard sometimes). Mainly, though, it’s to keep friends in the know without sending e-mails (inboxes are full enough already). I would say “family,” too, but very few of my family members even know I maintain an online presence, and those who don’t know probably wouldn’t care. I also do it to alleviate somewhat my worries about not posting every day (stupid obsession, that).

    Okay, so maybe you were right about how much I type. I think it’s my inner Touretter. You should know about Tourette’s, being up there in Pennsylvania and all. Oh, dear, was I supposed to reveal your location?

  4. Jeff: I knowed that already, it’s how I found out you were in PT, I think.

    P’let: I think maybe once long ago we discussed Facebook, but I don’t think Twitter came up. ‘Course, we all know how my mind works… sometimes. The part about “getting more stuff” is one of the downsides for me. I can’t absorb and react to half of what I get now. 😦

    Mark: Most of those who read here also Twit. I fully understand that obsession to post daily. It’s a people-pleasing thing on my part, a habit I can’t shake. My teasing you about your “longevity” in typing is purely an endearing thing, surely you know that. I’m pretty sure everyone knows I live in PA, no worries. But I’m not understanding the Tourette connection. If I keep thinking about it, will I figure it out, or do you need to clue me in?

  5. I have to agree, I’m not ready to jump on the Twitter Train my self. I’m also refuse to do Facebook or MySpace. I’m quite happy just having my blog. πŸ™‚

  6. I got on board and have no f’ing idea on how I should be using it. I still haven’t watched every minute of the Titanic (maybe 15 minutes of the entire movie). When people are surprised by this, I just say I know how the movie ends, the boat sinks. As for blogging, I’m think I’m still a newbie. Don’t have a ton of time to change the setup or add pictures or a special design to the banner or even know how. I am a sitemeter whore though.

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