John Mayer: Say (music video from The Bucket List)


Last Friday night PD and I invited friends in for pizza, beer and The Bucket List. We enjoyed all three immensely. I’d been looking forward to watching the movie for quite awhile and it’s been all rented out at the video store. I have to tell you that this has to be the best movie I’ve seen this year, Juno being a close second.

We laughed like crazy and of course, I cried. Really hard. I mean out-loud-sobs. And no one made fun of me. So you know it was sad. But happy sad. And at the end was the video you see here. I’m happy that there are movie scenes in the video, so I don’t have to dig to find a link to do it justice.

Really. You gotta see this movie. If you have already, tell me how much you liked it. Did you cry too? No spoilers, plz.

5 responses to “WOW

  1. I’ve heard this one on the radio a ton, but nice to catch the video.

  2. Yeah, I just watched this movie last weekend. I loved it, didn’t cry, well almost, but I caught myself. I’m a guy, not supposed to do that!

  3. LOVED IT!!!!!! Yes, I cried, as always.

  4. i almost rented that last weekend, decided against it. i will, however rent it now since you enjoyed it. and cried. that whole crying thing is grand.

  5. We just watched it last night, and it was really good – Grumpy Old Men will always get a laugh.

    Hope all is well with you…


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