… it started out a pretty day and then a storm blew up and the pretty arbor I’d decorated with silk flowers blew over.  Thanks, Hazel for putting it back up.

…. the upstairs bathroom pipes broke and all the water came through the kitchen ceiling.  Thanks, PD, for fixing that.

… the Justice of the Peace backed out of the driveway and was nearly creamed by an oncoming car.  Thanks, Lord.

… PD and I got married anyway.  🙂

I Love You, Buddy.  Thanks for askin’.  (And thanks for waitin’.)

11 responses to “8 YEARS AGO TODAY…

  1. Awww. Happy Anniversary. If you can get through that day, you can get through anything.

  2. Happy anniversary
    Happy anniversary
    Happy anniversary
    Haaaaaappy anniversary

    “obscure Flintstones reference”

  3. Sorry for being late…….Happy Anniversary! Today would have been my 25th. Gah.

  4. I forgot!!! I’m so sorry! Have a wonderful anniversary and enjoy your evening, I have to work but I’ll be thinking of you both! Love you xoxox

  5. Errr, I meant hope you HAD a wonderful anniversary…

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!! (belated)


  7. Happy Anniversary a day late, love you!!!

  8. Thanks everybody 🙂

    Jeff: Good one! Yabba, dabba doo.

    Hazel: Holy crap. Seriously, holy crap.

  9. that is so sweet, i got choked up a little. very awesome. happy anniversary to you and he.

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Lovely story!!

  11. Oh, happy anniversary!

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