My most recent downloads and what my head is ears are full of these days (in no particular order):

(Where possible, I created links so you can listen. I will update these as I come across better or more recent links. Where I couldn’t find the particular song, I linked to the musician. The quality of some of the links aren’t what I’d hoped for but, sh**, this didn’t take me as long as I thought it would, either. But don’t get too impressed, in my haste I could have linked to just about anything!)

And last, but not least, a little gem I just happened to find while searching You Tube. If you don’t click on another thing on this page, make sure you click on this:

Korean Boy singing Hey Jude

8 responses to “THIS MONTH’S MUSIC

  1. OMG! i LOVE that kid. i wonder if angelina would let me adopt him? (that last thing, it was a joke.)

    i must tell you that i’ve caught luke singing “satellite” by himself. we sing it together in the truck. (did you see that movie “martian child” starring john cusack? they used satellite in the movie.)

    jess also loves that cd, wants me to burn her a copy, i figured i would pass all that on to you so’s you know how awesome you are and your taste in music is rad.

  2. That Korean baby is so cute. Sings a heck of a lot better than me too! Not that that takes much, but still.

  3. I like your list. I should post more of my own lists, but most of what I listen to these days would rattle your skull. So I’m saving that until I have my own podcast set-up.
    That video was worth every second.

  4. You listen to some darned good music girl. I love Goldfrapp…Oh la, la song always get stuck in my head.

  5. I’m stealing your “Music of the Month” idea. It’s the innernets. I don’t feel guilty. But at least I’ll admit it. (BTW, I’m a friend of Lawgirl’s … )

  6. Piglet: So glad to oblige… Makin’ you happy makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeff: That vid puts me in a Happy Place.

    M+: My skull is always rattled ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it hums too.

    Melinda: Great band, I agree.

    Eric: Hi! Any friend of LG’s is welcome here. Steal Away. (Quick, who sang that??? Wait. How old are you? Maybe you never heard the song…

  7. Hi there!

    Thanks for the Delta Dreams plug!

  8. Quang Ly: You’re welcome, your music is great! Thanks for showing me where to find more. Your influences are all favorites of mine.

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