Today’s Pisces Horoscope: Jun 11, 2008

Adventurous soul that you are, dear Pisces, are you thinking about a little mischief today? Are you going to propose that you and a friend, or perhaps your romantic partner, skip town for a day and forget about work, household chores, and other routine matters? You’ve been bored lately, so who could blame you if you did? If you decide to do this, however, make sure that everyone knows what’s up. You won’t want to burn any bridges!

I could sure use a day off!

7 responses to “ANY TAKERS?

  1. I want several days off at this point!

  2. I know the feeling, and I’m giving in to it on Friday. And maybe Monday, too, after the weekend I’m expecting to have.

  3. Bluegrass, baby!

  4. Jeff: I would say you need it badly.

    Michael: Have a great time!

    Hazel: There is no jealousy on my part. Well, maybe a little. Okay a lot! Dammit, I want to go.
    You guys have a great time, hear?

  5. I meant for you to join us!

  6. Hazel: No can do due to graduation party, anniversary dinner and birthday party all scheduled for this weekend :-S but shure would have loved it. Thanks for the invitation. Next year maybe?

  7. Yes, I think this would have been one good horoscope to take up on!

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