Finally got some photos out of the camera and thought I’d share a couple witcha’. I encourage you to click on the first picture and I hope it enlarges for you.

This is a dvd cover Julian made while vacationing with Nana

Julian; busy busy busy

This is Little Maddie proudly posing with the tower we built

These are 3 of the Brightest Lights in my Life

The Nephew “Bo Buie” and my pretty Mom

A trinket I bought for the back porch. Okay, one of many…

An early Spring sunset behind my house.

Okie dokie. With the exception of this jumbled up mess here at the bottom, I don’t think I did too badly playing with the HTML. I just plum got sick and tired of playing with the alignment. And trying to put captions where I wanted them… It was like pressing a button that wasn’t connected to anything. I got my Dummies book out but that was just another in a chain of futile gestures. I kept finding myself with a whole line of text that started with “src=” that seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever. But when I took it out, all hell broke loose. But only with the first couple pics. I dunno, I’m a novice and I guess I should leave these things to the pros. But I had fun with it, learned a couple things and you got to see some pictures. So what if it cost me three hours of my life??? I don’t recall ever spending that much time on a post.

12 responses to “SOME PICS FOR YA

  1. the pictures were worth it! and, every time you spend time messing around is time learning something πŸ™‚

    so, HOORAY for you getting the pics up those are gorgeous children and i agree your mom is very pretty. (i think it runs in your family.)

  2. Great pics! We have to rely on you for these since your lovely daughter’s blog pretty much dropped off the face of Earth.

    I wouldn’t know what it’s like not to spend hours on a blog post.

  3. Holy crap, there are pictures in your post. Wait, let me check something, nope, it’s still hot outside!

    I kid, I kid.

    I love the Ben 10 DVD cover, tell Julian I think he did a great job.

    That is a gorgeous sunset, it would go great with a glass of wine.

    Thanks for sharing, hope you and PD are doing well!

  4. Yes, I made it. I had to stand next to a drunken supermodel to get on your blog, but I have done it.

    Nice Pics.

  5. Piglet: You’re too kind. But really smart/pretty/funny/amazing too πŸ™‚

    Mark: The Eagle Has Landed. Er, I mean, Juju Has Posted!
    How do you find the time? If I spend 15 minutes on a (normal) post, I find myself falling behind on everything else.
    The difference being, of course, you can tell by your blog that you expend time and effort!

    Jeff: It’s 9am here and already feels like 80 degrees, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if hell froze over!
    I will pass that along to Julian. You and Raggy are both fans of his… He will get a kick out of your praise.

    Bo: I can’t stop laughing. Thanks for that. Out of about 10 pictures I took that day, this is the only one of you that was postable. πŸ˜‰ Guess drunken supermodels bring out your best side? LOL

  6. Pretty cute family you have….and tell Buie that I work with a ton of hot 20 year olds, I’ll have to pass that pic around.

  7. You should send me those nonpostables….they are fun.

    JuJu, 20 is wayyyyyyy too young for me…I turn 21 on Thursday.Nevertheless, we’ll have to talk. =)

  8. love the pics. the kids look really happy. i love to see children who are happy… you can always tell it in their eyes.

    love the sun you have on the wall outside. i’d love one of these. my sis got one for xmas… only wish i had enough room to bring it back w/ me. not the case though.

  9. Ju: I think you just told him, and he ain’t biting. Well, not too hard…

    Bobu: I could do that… I should make a scrapbook, I got about a million of ’em.
    Do you have big plans for your birthday?

    Kenzity: Holy Beans!!! How are you? Long time no see. I clicked on “um naief” and it took me awhile to figure out who you were. Your baby boy cannot be 1 year old already, no way! And he’s absolutely beautiful. You must be a great mom. I remember reading, it seemed so long ago, that you were anxious and wondering what kind of mother you would be.
    Wow. So glad you spoke up. πŸ™‚ Please come back again.

  10. Absolutely incredible! Julian is quite the talented young man.
    I think the kids are adorable. They look so squeezable.
    Your mom reminds me of one of the ladies at my church.
    I love the sunset. Have you by chance been catching the sunrises at all? I never have my camera when I need it for those shots.

  11. M+: I will pass that on to Julian. You are now in the Fan Club (consisting of Raggy, Jeff and me. Oh yeah, and Poopy)
    Oh, they are squeezable allright. I miss them!
    Yep, we’ve been having some awesome sunrises. I hear you on the camera thing. My phone camera just doesn’t cut it.

  12. That DVD cover reminds me of this website:

    Julian is a much better artist than the ones featured here, but I like how Maddox offers a different approach to rating children’s artwork. I will never look at a child’s artistic creations the same way again!

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