You know, my life is weird. It may not be much of a life, but damn, it’s interesting. I’m not exactly sure if it is my life. per se, or if it’s my perspective. Maybe it’s just that I’m so easily amused and entertained. Either way, prepare yourself for a weird mix of topics today.

I’ll start off with the small stuff and work my way up to the biggie.

I don’t know if you noticed that I put a Flickr badge down there. I say a Flicker badge, not my Flickr badge cuz it sure in the hell isn’t mine. Just now I’m looking at it and there is a picture of a naked pregnant lady sprawled on a bed.

So I go back to work today after having been gone for ten days and my buddy Mo’ strolls up to me and says “Hey!” and tells me how great the movie was that I lent him. He didn’t realize I’d been off. WTF. He’s now on my list. Yeah, it was only actually only 3 working days that he didn’t see me, (due to a four-day week and a holiday in there) but sheesh.

I couldn’t get my iPod to turn off today. It did, though. Finally.

PD and I have been struggling with several manners in which to keep a few tons of gravel in the driveway and out of the front yard. Something more substantial than the walk lights that are there now, spaced about 3 feet apart. They are obviously not doing the job. His original idea was laying down ugly old treated landscape timbers. I threw a rare fit in a large home improvement mecca (ok, Lowe’s) insisting that the beautiful ornate fencing I’d spied would add to the aesthetic appeal of the front yard. Yesterday we tried both. The timbers were yucky and the fence was too flimsy (M+, I hear you laughing) to hold the gravel in. So I pull in after work today and find that PD has spent the greater part of the day building a stone wall about 8 inches high that looks awesome. He’s not happy with it, it may stay or it may go. Maybe that doesn’t sound expecially weird, but for PD it is.

If you know me at all, there’s no argument how weird this one is… I was working on a post last night which contained 5 or 6 photos. (That’s not even the weird part!) All was going well until I went in to put captions under the pics. OMG. I wish you could see what I did to my poor blog. Anyway, I clicked on the HTML feature and started looking around- after I got my eyes uncrossed- and it started making sense to me! I fixed 3 of the really big boo-boos and almost had it ready to post when I looked at the clock and it was a half hour past my bedtime so I saved it and will work on it later. But I went to sleep feeling, well, triumphant. But I felt triumphant for about an hour which is not a good chunk of time to spend awake before the alarm goes off at 4:15 am on a Monday, for crying out loud. Getting out of bed this morning, I wasn’t feeling triumphant anymore.

This is where the weird stops and the wonderful kicks in. I have had some prayers answered today in a rilly, rilly big way. Someone very close to me whom I love immeasurably had a very large per cent chance of having a very serious illness. I have not talked about this before and ain’t gonna now, either, except to say that, despite daunting odds, this person beat those odds and I’m tremendously relieved and thanking God. Over and over.

And Don, if you’re reading, thanks for the note and the prayers. You don’t even know what an awesome friend you are.

Update to WEIRDThis morning at 4:56 am, the mileage on my Toyota read 45,678.

8 responses to “WEIRD AND WONDERFUL

  1. cool, there are naked people on here now. This is now my one stop shop for everything on the net!

    Alright, I’m done being a smart @$$

    Here’s how to fix that flickr widget. Go into your widgets page and click edit on the flicker widget. Then in the box that says flickr RSS URL delete what is in there and put in this:

    That should change it to your feed!

  2. And of course it turned that into a clickable link but you can still copy and paste it into the box, hehe oops!

  3. btw, I tested that url on my blog just to make sure, so it should work. If you need any help let me know!

  4. OK, I laughed at your predicament. But I was laughing with you, not at you.
    Glad to hear you had some answered prayers.

  5. Amigo: Were you tryin’ to do a “Piglet” on my sidebar??? lol
    M+ messed you up, huh?
    Hey thanks so much for your help. I’ll get on that asap. So will I have your pictures on my Flickr badge then???
    Anyone for a friendly wager? Remember who you’re dealing with here…

    M+: I know you weren’t laughing at me, but you know, you could. I would be okay with that. It’s not a new concept.

  6. I kinda miss the naked chick, but I guess this is for the better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Jeff: You’re incorrigible. Actually, this is the account we set up for my contest entries (I have three accounts for some reason…) I’ll keep messin’ with it, see if I can merge them or something. Any advice, as always would be appreciated.

    I just scrolled down and the box is empty. LOL

  8. awesome numbers on the toyota!

    you are a kook and it’s what i love about you ๐Ÿ™‚

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