Greek to Me – Confessions of an Altared Boy

By virtue of my tendencies toward obsessivity, it seems not out of the realm of possibility that I find myself, once again addicted to a certain behavior. (Not unlike my sister-of-another-mother, Piglet…) That behavior, of course, being the uncontrollable urge to scour YouTube for the sole purpose of enriching and embellishing my life and penchant for being entertained.

I think you will find this video, the first in a series of four, to be awesome. The actor’s name is Michael Raysses. His delivery and the quality of the material is as engrossing as it is humorous. Michael relates the story of how the role of altar boy during his Greek Orthodox up-bringing prepared him for later roles in the theater. His actual first role was that of a piglet in a barnyard production in Church/School. Give it a watch/listen.  Michael is a writer/actor/National Public Radio commentator who lives in Los Angeles. You can find some of his other work here. And here. He’s also a writer for Vision Magazine.

I’m a fan. But “Groupie” sounds so much more funner. 😉

(Posted with permission by Michael Raysses, “group-er” [as opposed to “group-ee“])

7 responses to “I’M A GROUPIE

  1. Uhm…shouldn’t you be doing other THINGS?

    Sorry, I shouldn’t mother my mother.

  2. it’s fate my dearest, him playing piglet you and me (piglet) being soul mates…..

    this is AWESOME!

  3. more proof, boohag is greek orthodox. she and the husband just renewed their vows in the greek orthodox in savannah.

    it’s fate my friend, you and me..

  4. Ju: You totally underestimate my (developing) multi-tasking skills, darlin’. I have a great teacher. You 🙂

    Piglet: I chuckled at that little reference, myself. I’m telling you, EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Some of us more than others… xo

  5. p.s. my son is singing a song. wanna know what song? “satellite” sent to us by one very special and beautiful woman…. YOU!

    he loves that whole cd too, kid has good taste right? my heart got all squishy with motherly love hearing him singing it on his own.

  6. Michael Raysses

    dear linda,

    thanks again for adding me to your website. i am honored to be here, and hope that i can add to the festivities at hand.

    i hope this email finds you in the best of health and the heartiest of spirit.

    all the best and then some,


  7. Michael: It’s great to have you here, I’m honored and thrilled. You add something special.
    My health sucks right now (see ensuing posts- no spoilers, sorry!) but my spirit? I’m satisfied with merely hearty but will work on the superlative, God willing 😉
    Thanks much for your recent mail. Will address it asap.
    The best to you as well 🙂

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