I just sat down here because I’m waiting for a phone call and don’t want to start anything and then have to quit when the phone rings.

I have not one thing in my head to write about. I’m going to wing it and see what comes to me.

*looking around the room, hoping something inspires me…*

I have too many books. I’ve read some of them and they must have some meaning for me or else I would get rid of them or pass them on. Some I haven’t read, but intend to one day. There are way too many, I will never get them all read. I have a definite problem in that I can’t not buy an interesting-looking book when I see one.

*Phone call* Excuse me, uno momento, por favor.

PD is watching National Treasures II-The Book of Secrets. I tried to watch the first one and the acting was so bad I couldn’t get very far. By the sound of it, I made a good choice to pass on this one too.

I have an antique sewing machine that needs a new belt. It’s an Italian-made model of excellent quality. I forget the name of it. I could care less if I ever use it again. That’s why I’ve not gotten it repaired. You can have it if you want it. ( I just remembered, it’s a Necchi, I think is how it’s spelled…)

I still have “the bar” set up from Christmas. By “set up” I mean that there are about 10 bottles of assorted liquor on the buffet. I dust them off from time to time. It’s not like I even have a drink very often. The reason the bottles are still there is that I can’t remember where I kept them before.

I’m having one now. (a drink, that is) Did I mention that I’ve had a very stressful day? Not exactly what I had in mind for my vacation. But that’s life. If it sounds like I have kinda of an “F*** it” attitude, well… I do. It’s what happens when too many things are wrong but there’s nothing you can do about any of them.

Gonna go drink that drink now. Mmmm… Amaretto over crushed ice, my favorite.

Nighty night 🙂

4 responses to “NUTTIN’ IN PARTICULAR

  1. Hope things are better now….

  2. Ah, yes…
    Alcohol is the answer to a great many of life’s ponderous queries, and the cause of quite a few as well. As evidenced by your choice in video tidbits above.

  3. Mishka: Thanks, I left a little note over at your house.

    M+: Ah, yes…
    Which is why I may do a little more pondering and querying (!) again tonight. I’ll try to exercise a little more restraint if I find myself using YouTube as my choice of entertainment.

  4. you silly bear, dusting off alcohol bottles. that woulda never happened in “my day”…

    it’s good to have a vice 🙂

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