*not to surf YouTube under the influence of alchoholic beverages. I’ll regret this tomorrow, I’m sure. (even more than I regret that silly quiz…)

Lady popping her eyes out

5 responses to “#1 REASON*

  1. OK I really didn’t need to see that. No more booze for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Unfortunately I’ve seen that lady somewhere before. It’s kind of disgusting. If I were drinking or with the right people (ie you and/or rach) I would probably have a hard time controlling my laughter!

    **ready**set***SUBMIT! lol

  3. If I had been drinking AND watching this at the same time, I probably would have peed on myself from laughter. I have seen this before in the past, still wild!

  4. oh. my. God.

  5. holy shit, i was NOT expecting that even though i read the other’s comments….

    i wish i could do that, i would rock luke’s class.

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