I was feeling crazy and this looked like fun. I give it a C-minus for accuracy… What do you think? I’m thinking that maybe this was me at one time, but sounds like too much work now!

4 responses to “FEEL LIKE A QUIZ?

  1. I don’t know. I would have to say mine was pretty accurate. That’s all I’m going to share!!!

  2. Natalie: Hi 🙂 I just posted and it wouldn’t come up right away, I should have known you were on. That is so weird, how often you’re clicking “submit” when I’m clicking “publish”- uncanny, really. And it’s not like I post at regular times…
    Oh, I would love to have seen your quiz, and I’m glad your’s at least was accurate. It was a fun quiz, huh?

  3. this is cute, and it wants to be your hat! i’ll take it and report back.

  4. i’m tantric and it was pretty um, whatever.

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