Sometimes life has a way of gettin’ ahead of you and the best you can do is just hold on tight and go with it. Things happen that you have no control over. Other things pop up that you’re just not emotionally equipped to deal with, no matter how hard you try.

I’m, at least out of bed and suckin’ down coffee #2, starting Day Three of Ten Days Away From Work. Normally, with this much Time Off, I’d be looking forward to a trip North to spend time with the JuJus. But due to work schedules (Ju’s) and the price of gas and some medical tests scheduled smack in the middle of Time Off and the fact that I need to do some serious home maintenance so that I can enjoy the rest of the summer without worrying about it, we’ll not be traveling. Yes, it would have been great but… there will be other opportunities.

Day One, I started a list of everything I want to accomplish. Yes, it’s a mile long. I started with little projects so that I can complete a few small tasks and check them off and feel like something is getting done. My way of thinking is that, if I do that, I can keep the feeling of being overwhelmed at bay. So far, well, not so bad. Now if I could only keep the rest of Life from happening and interfering with my plan I would be ok.

Last week my mother took an unscheduled trip to the hospital. She’s home and fine now. Before she came home, a very good friend of mine did the same thing. Only she’s not home and fine and it looks like that may not happen. Ever. They are “managing her pain,” which is that dreaded phrase you hear that pretty much translates into “there’s nothing else we can do for her.” I refuse to believe that. She’s too young, has a family and I can’t talk about this anymore now.

I got a letter from Travis, the nephew. I would love to “show” it to you, but since “the move,” our printer/scanner is not set up yet so I will just tell you what it said…

Dear Aunt Linda

and uncle (PD’s First and last name),

Hi. Just me Tra-

vis. That I am

doing pretty good

At my house. I jus

t to wish your

guys a happy

Memorial Day.


Travis (Last name)

My Phone Number

is ***-***-****.

I followed up with a phone call, thanking him. His words of wisdom, which I wanted to share with you are as follows:

“You have to ride your bike, take long walks, cut the grass and eat lots of canned fruit.”

Amen, Travis.

7 responses to “NO PLACE LIKE HOME

  1. Hey you,

    Thinking of you and hoping that you’re as okay as one can be in this situation. I’m glad to hear that your mom is better. Your friend and you are in my thoughts.


  2. Spending our weekend doing house stuff too. Yipee.
    I’m sad to know that your friend is unable to be healed. Do I know her?
    Trav sounds so cool. Wish I knew him.
    Glad you have some time off…maybe come to visit me????

  3. Seems like there’s a pattern here with the house work. I’ve got more stuff to do than I can shake a stick at. But I have determined to get it done a little bit at a time. I’ve promised myself at least 15 minutes of solid effort everyday until I can get it all done.
    I’ll be keeping you and yours in my prayers, especially the situation with your friend.

  4. my god that child is a genius, i guess all kids are on some levels. i love that they are not yet “broken” by the real world.

    i like to think that some of these hard life situations serve as a positive outlet for us to process emotions on many levels, not just the one thing that breaks our hearts.

    you are awesome and beautiful.

  5. L’girl: Nice to have you in my corner. Thanks 🙂
    And I’m loving the comments you’re leaving on Old One Wink.

    Haze: Yes. And I haven’t yet told “everyone” that I’m off this week, due to, um, I have to get some things done. I will.
    Would love to come see you. Wanna meet me part way???

    M+: omg, @ 15 mins. per day, I’ll be taking one step and falling behind 15… But whatever works for you!
    I totally appreciate the prayers 🙂

    P’let: Thank you yet again, you words mean so much to me.

  6. 3 cheers for Travis! He’s wiser at his age than I am at mine 😦

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Words fail me. Be strong.

  7. Thanks Raggy 🙂 from the bottom of my heart.
    I dunno, you’ve shared some pretty awesome wisdom with me now and then… It’s in your music most of all.

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