Several months ago, I was engaging on one of my favorite pastimes which is cruising YouTube. I came across a video of a young man playing a piano. I clicked. I was mesmerized. I noticed he had about 30 other videos posted and I watched maybe 5 or 6 of them and left a couple of comments, encouraging words expressing how much I enjoyed his playing. I noticed that he replies to many of his comments and I was impressed by that, too.

A month or so ago I received an invitation from him to vote for one of his videos, giving him a chance at appearing on television (in his native Italy) and thus, I’m sure, furthering his career. I gladly complied. We have been in contact now and then and I had asked him for permission to write a short blogpost about him and share his music with my wonderful, loyal 🙂 readers. Below, please find a wonderful example of his talent and a message from him to you. Introducing Agostino Giglio. Show him some love. And take a few minutes to vote.

Ago and I thank you very much. Let me know what you think!


Hysteria (Muse) – TUNED 🙂 piano version

(from Ago)

Oh, yeah, I’m very happy if you dedicate to me a post of your blog!!!:)
I attached you my favourite video:)

My message is this:

You can send me from Youtube to an italian TV talent-show, playing LIVE the song “Starlight” by MUSE!

How? It’s simple!!!

– Click on this link

– Under the green thumb image, select value 10
– on the right fill textbox typing letters you see
and press the red button “VOTA” !!

You can vote anytime you want, until June 15th !

IMPORTANT: Please, send this link to all of your friends!

Thank you very much!


My best wishes for you dear!!!!
Ago 😉

8 responses to “PIANO MAN

  1. Holy cow, that is awesome. I voted, tell Ago I think his playing is amazing.

  2. Awesome. I wish I could play the piano like that.

  3. Music without words……ahhhhhh. Sometimes this is more inspiring than what a word could give. Thanks for the post.

  4. That was amazing !!!
    Music conveys thoughts that our mouths cannot articulate. It comes from the depths of the soul and reaches out to the heart of all who hear it.
    I would love to have talent like that.

  5. I’ve always wished I knew how to play either piano or guitar. The song itself was repetitious, but it had a nice melody and I loved that it started out in the lower register on both hands. Clearly he’s talented.

  6. he’s cute, and the music shore is purty 🙂

  7. p.s. i’ve really liked your banners of late, very pretty!

  8. Everybody: Thanks so much! I appreciate your good thoughts and I know Ago does too. Hope you all voted and those of you who did, Thanks Much!

    Piglet: Shanks, Schweetie, same to you 🙂 And yes, Ago is nice to look at…

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