Mark Knopfler & Sonny Landreth – Cannibals (Night In London)

Two of my favorite guitarists of all time. Imagine how excited I was to find this vid of them playing Together!

5 responses to “MARK AND SONNY :-)

  1. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of Phil Keaggy, but he’s one incredible guitarist and I think you’d like to his music check out…

    and for some really amazing techniques…

    Just a couple of vids that are available. You may like a lot of the others, too.
    And please note the missing finger on his right (strumming) hand. Talk about talented…

  2. Wow, M+. Those were great. I’ve heard of Keaggy, but I’m not sure I ever have listened to his music. As the younger brother of a talented guitarist, I definitely have healthy respect for Keaggy.

  3. I like Knopfler’s approach: make music to make money, and then just do what you love the rest of your life. Would that we all could do that.

    Nice music, Wink. I loved Knopfler’s work on The Princess Bride soundtrack.

  4. Thanks Mark. Keaggy is amazingly versatile with his styles and techniques. His Master and the Musician CD is a must have. And he did some fantastic work with P.O.D. a few years back. Just incredible.
    Knopfler does have the best approach. Who wouldn’t want to spend their life doing what they love?

  5. M & M: I’d heard of Keaggy, but never heard him play. I checked out the links. He’s very good!
    I also adored Rory Gallagher’s guitar playing. I was watching him on YouTube a couple of nights ago and then was surprised just last night to hear one of his songs on the soundtrack of PS, I Love You (an incredibly sad and sometimes funny movie)

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