So how am I liking this new work schedule?

Here’s my take…  Sit on your ass for 10 hours working, surrounded by a bunch of tense, overly-tired people sitting on their asses for 10 hours surrounded by a bunch of tense, overly-tired people.  Drag your sore butt home and try to stay awake until bedtime, which is just about sunset.  Then… drag your tired, sore butt out of bed before the whole other entire population of the world and do it all over again.  Oh yeah, and interrupt that sunset-to-well-before-sunrise slumber with hourly waking due to hormone-induced hot flashes that require complete blanket removal, pillow-flipping and a nice swig of ice water that gets warmer as the clock ticks the minutes away.

Oh, yeah.  I get Friday off.  Good thing there’s a bonus in there.

Just so you know there’s still a little of that other person buried somewhere in my memory of my old wonderful life, which we’ll refer to as B4DWW (Before 4 Day Work Week) I’ll move on and pretend I’m not bitter or anything.

Some cool news… Our friend Raggy has become one of us “blogger creatures.”  See link on my sidebar.  I hope he doesn’t get all crazy and stuff like most of the rest of us.  Hope you have fun with it Raggy!  🙂

I had other stuff to tell you but I lost my will to live.  I mean, type.  How do seriously sleep-deprived people do it?  ( JuJu???)  I feel like the Wicked Witch of the East, complete with a house for a hat and the curly feet.  Or was it her sister?  I don’t care.

Cheer me up, please.

7 responses to “I HAD A LIFE ONCE

  1. Just remember, the rest of us have to use vacation or PTO to get Fridays off. Yours come automatically.
    I recommend you use them wisely; take naps…

    And if that didn’t cheer you up, try this;
    I just found another source for really great quotes…
    That oughta give ya somethin’ to look forward to.

  2. The picture of Tut-Tut’s baby girl cheered you up, yes? How can you not be cheery when you see those adorable cheeks??

    Also, hmmmm, let’s see….in 2 weeks you get a 4 day weekend.

    And….hey!! you finally added me to the blogroll!!! Yay!!!!

    And…..I have ADD, can you tell? I didn’t know until a couple of years ago when Cinbad gave me a birthday card that had a picture of a woman giving a speech to the ADD support society or something and in the middle she said, hey, nice shoes!! And I said, ummmm, OMG, I have that!! Cinbad (and others) said, you didn’t know? Nope…..but now I see that I do. Ah well, I think it’s the reason I can’t stay in a bad mood for too long. There’s always something shiny…..over ….there…..


  3. I’m sorry that you have to work long hours like that. It sounds like it’s killing your energy and your life.

    The number one destroyer for the American people is being overworked and underpaid. I used to be in a similar situation like you, and I got laid off on top of it too.

    It was a devastation and I almost lost everything I had. But one day, I decided to study the wealthy. I realized that they don’t work long and hard for their money. So I decided to think outside the box and now I’m making over $40k a month getting paid daily.

    Every time I look back at my past I get tears….I didn’t know it was possible to live in abundance and stress-free. (tears)

    So that’s why I replied to your blog. I want you to see how I found an opportunity that changed my life.

    Please visit my profile and learn about me and my business.

    Best wishes,
    Suziann 🙂

  4. I will trade you. You can have my crappy 8 hour a day job working for the nutbags and I will deal with your 10 hour days the only way I know how, vodka!

  5. Hey that’s some crazy work hours you got! I don’t see the point of killing yourself a few days a week so you can have a few days off trying to recover…..work should be something you do each day but leaving you with enough time to go back home and enjoy a few hours’ relaxation….anything that makes you a zombie just isn’t right.

    BUT one needs to pay the bills,eh? Slavery, that’s what it is….working at terms we can’t live with but unable to survive without the work 😦

    Here’s wishing you all the best at the lotteries!

  6. you are pretty 🙂

  7. M+: You skimmed, didn’t you? ;-P
    Believe me, I will be using vacation time regularly to get some sleep. What kind of “vacation” is that??? A lot of the people who were excited about the deal are even thinking twice.

    Lawgirl: Babies rule! Yes, that brought me a smile 🙂
    I like that you “get me” and appreciate your words.
    ADD? Lol That’s my middle name…
    We’ll talk…

    Suziann: Thanks, dear.

    Jeff: Did I forget to mention that I have a crappy job, etc.?
    Thanks for the tip! *hic*

    Raggy: Thank you for your no-bull care and support 🙂

    P’let: I. Love. You.

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