I’m trying to take it kind of easy this weekend, dreading gearing up for working 4 ten-hour days this week. You might not see that as a major feat yourself, but for moi, getting up at 4:30 in the morning is something akin to having major dental work or trying to get a trial subscription canceled with a music site that starts with an e (which I’ve neglected to post about due to the overwhelming anxiety of the whole situation which is really too time-consuming to post about but which has FINALLY been resolved, thank gawd, courtesy of a dude named Miles to whom I am presently considering proposing marriage…)

So I didn’t do any yard work this weekend, didn’t dust and vacuum, barely did laundry. Instead I blogged and watched movies. It’s called “Being Kind to Me.” Today I am going dress-shawpin’ for something to wear to a wedding next weekend because I’m fat now and can’t fit into anything nice that I own. I’m not happy about the prospect for two reasons: 1) I’m cheap and don’t get off on blowing money on something that I will rarely wear and 2) It doesn’t fit into my plan for “Being Kind to Me”as it involves actually leaving the sanctuary of my home and facing the public. Oh yeah, and it’s chilly and gloomy out there.

The movies I watched were 27 Dresses and In The Name of the King. The first was cute but mildly disappointing. It had it’s moments. The best part was getting to look at James Marsden‘s ugly mug. πŸ˜‰ The second was great. If you like violence and magic. There was good drama, some great sword wielding and some humor. The acting was acceptable. PD watched it no less than 5 times. Guess he’s having a “Be Kind to Me” weekend, too. He claims that if you like LOTR, you will like this. I would recommend it. Kevlar will say it’s crap. ;-P

If you happen toΒ  notice that there overabundance of text under my Recent Comments… That’s SUPPOSED to be my widget which promises to play some great tunes for you, my beloved reader.Β  Anyone who can tell me where I f***ed up how to make that work, I’d be eternally grateful…


Update: Lawgirl ~aka CrazyChick~ has “come out” to me, confessing that she’s reading my blog From The Beginning (hence my new nickname for her) She brought to my attention this post from a couple of years ago which I read and thought was entertaining and well- written (ha) and decided to share it with you once more. Thanks, CC.

12 responses to “SLACKER WEEKEND

  1. I try to make every weekend a “Be Kind To Me” weekend. It doesn’t always work, but even when it doesn’t go as planned, it’s still pretty good.
    Speaking of “shawpin”, I just did a whole bunch of it. Got some new T-shirts, a new vacuum, and a bunch of tools that I’ve been meaning to replace. Next on my list; the equipment I need for my podcast.
    I will defintely look for In The Name Of The King. Sounds like my kinda movie.
    Love the link to your archives. You and I must suffer the same malady – jack of all trades, master of none. I pride myself on knowing a little bit of something about practically everything. It makes life interesting. I also keep all of my fortunes. Even the ones from my Misfortune-Cookies and my Stating-The-Painfully-Obvious-Cookies…

  2. Lol. So now there are 3 of us who do that. Lol. Yay!!!

  3. In the Name of the King is total CRAP! Jason Statham is/was/and will always be The Transporter. He should stick to that…although rumor had it that he was the potential next Doctor Who….I just can’t see it.

    Speaking of Doctor Who…James Marsden did two or three episodes of last seasons Torchwood (a Doctor Who spinoff). He was fan-freaking-tastic.

    If you don’t know Doctor Who and Torchwood…you are a Sci-Fi poser and I’ll have nothing further to do with you πŸ™‚

  4. Lawgirl;
    Yes, just one of my many idiosyncrasies. Wink and I seem to share a lot of them.

    Dr. Who and Torchwood? Are you by chance a part of or a fan of Farpoint Media? You may know my best friend in the whole world (JT or Justterry) if you’re a part of their forums.

    Sorry to take over your comments.
    Got your e-mail. Yes, we probably would make great back porch neighbors.
    With a blade collection like mine, I HAVE to be a fantasy fan! Otherwise they’d make me turn in my man-card.
    The book series sounds interesting. But I already have a waiting list of about 8 books.
    Not all of my reading is specifically “Christian”. I’m just soaking up a lot of different spirtual stuff at the moment. But I do always bring it back to my Christian faith. I’ve also just finished reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, and have moved on to Trail Of Tears. No this has nothing to do with my haircut…
    Had a great weekend. Looking forward to more such activities.
    I think your writing is pretty much the same in style and humor. I think you post less frequently than before. But I could be mistaken.
    “Flashes”, huh?

  5. And here’s me thinking I was the only one seriously considering using my curtains as clothes……

    by the way, here’s a bit of cute innocence for you, good to drive away them cynical days:

    have a nice week πŸ™‚

  6. M+: Nope on the Farpoint site. This is pretty much the only blog I read (and a few that are linked here). I go out of my way to bother OW πŸ™‚

  7. Revised…thought you wrote James Marsters

    Regardless…movie was still CRAAAAAAAAAP!

  8. I wish I could work 4 tens….. I hope you end up liking it.

  9. M+: Dood! If you wanted my blog, all you had to do was ask! LOL Thanks actually, you took real good care of things while I was busy. Great audition for a guest writer πŸ™‚

    CC: I think that when the “end of the blogworld” comes, everyone who reads here will all have morphed into the same person. In the mean time, what do you say we weed out the infidels? I’m sure we can count on Mr. Cross to organize us. ROFL

    Kevlar: Speaking of infidels… Why are you so angry, man?
    You might want to try using straight milk in your Corn Flakes as opposed to the yellow stuff…
    Um, I’m not exactly sure what a Sci-Fi “Poser” is (Someone posing as Science Fiction I’m guessing) but I don’t think that’s me. But I’m willing to pose if it will get you off my back. But no, I don’t know those dudes.
    I retrieved your second comment (and third, actually) from my span queue, you’re welcome.
    Would I like The Transporter? PD says I might. Was I or II better IYSO? (in your superior opinion) ;-P

    Raggy: LOL Curtains would look way better than some of the get-ups she wore! I’m picturing you in a nice red brocade. Strapless, of course.
    The video is absolutely priceless. I smiled and laughed and cried. Thank you my dear Friend πŸ™‚ It will go in my Favorites.

    K’lar: I didn’t realize you actually had to put effort into it. It seems so natural to you.
    Hope you’re having a good week, Bud. πŸ™‚

    TC: When you’re rich and famous, you can work whenever you want. I personally don’t think it’s too far away from now. Thanks for taking time to come over, miss you!
    I’m doing ok with it so far. Just don’t cross me ;-P

  10. I might try to watch In The Name Of The King, but no go on the Twenty Seven Dresses, at least till my wife brings it home and makes me watch it.

  11. I’m preferential to Transporter 2 but bother are good. Thanks for pulling my posts out of the spam bin. Honestly, I’m not angry at all…superficial yes….angry…no. *Smooch*


  12. this is my kind of weekend too, just doing a whole lot of nothing but enjoying myself and the things i like to do.

    i’m going to add “in the name of the king” movie to my bb queue b/c i know if you like i prolly will too πŸ™‚

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