My daughter “Jujubee” Jenny is 30 another year older today. Saturday, Miss Madeline turned 3. I just want to wish them both Happy Birthdays and let them both know that they are the two most beautiful young ladies in the whole, entire world and I love them with all my heart and soul.

12 responses to “MY BABY GIRL (AND HERS)

    LOVE, PD

  2. I swear I thought her birthday was tomorrow. Damn.

  3. Hazel: It is… you just snuck in here before I got my time stamp edited… You’re fast! I’m just going to leave it up now.
    You and PD (Anonymous but with my picture???) are too fast for me!

  4. I’m not 30. I’m not 30. I’m not 30. I’m not 30.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday Girls! And Ju there is absolutely nothing wrong with being 30….I’ve been trying it out the last few months and it’s been ok….I promise!

  6. Happy Birthday to both. Madeline looks so much like her dad. Are they color coordinated on purpose? Looks good for pictures sake. LOL

  7. Happy Birthday to them! Such a sweet picture!

  8. Wow…you make beautiful babies. And they make beautiful babies. Well done!

  9. I agree with Mr Fabulous.
    Happy B-Day ladies !!!
    And Ju, if it makes it any easier, try thinking of it as the first anniversary of your 29th birthday. That’s how I measure ’em now. I’m on the second anniversary of my 40th birthday, and I’m just fine with that.

  10. Fab: Hi Stranger! I figured you’d come around if there were some cute babes here.
    Like your new car!

    M+: Thanks, it was easy.
    Wow. You’re old.

  11. pd must be using your bookmark….

    this is a gorgeous picture, and i guess your entire family is gorgeous.

    happy belated birthday juju!

  12. Wow….beautiful picture. I know that you are proud…just as I am, look at my new post and you will see what I have been up to. Take care….sorry that I have been away so long 🙂

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