So the other day I was walking around the yard with my camera, taking pictures of my tulips. The orange and yellow ones, at least. I thought a nice Spring flower picture would cheer up the look of the old blog.  Well, of course I never got around to getting the pictures out of the camera.
But here’s when things took a turn for the weird. It was the day I posted my horoscope. That seems to be the day-or the first time that I noticed- that WordPress started listing “possibly related posts” at the end of a post. When I saw it, and it wasn’t even on the main page, it was on my dashboard. I clicked on this link. What I saw there was a Pisces horoscope and I was thinking it took me to my own page and my own horoscope. Imagine my surprise when I saw my tulips that I’d only been thinking about uploading. I was like Holy Crap, WordPress is magic! My brain went inside out before I realized that there was another blog out there (Hi Lawgirl!) with a Pisces horoscope and yellow and orange tulips. I guess, though, that you would have had to have spent some time inside my head to fully grasp the freak factor when I saw that page.  And yes, of course I noticed that Lawgirl’s  tulips are sharper and clearer than mine.  Shut up.

11 responses to “TULIPATHY?

  1. Very nice pic.
    I am sooooo loving spring.

  2. those are gorgeous flowers! makes me think of tiny tim and his, “tiptoe through the tulips”…

    i’m betting you are impressed that i know this 🙂 hee

  3. Flowers and spring, I love spring!

    I won a flower at the Roadeo the other day, actually there are 2 different flowers in that pot but I will only count it as one since they will both die at my hands! I suck when it comes to plants!

  4. P’let: They are. Them and those dandelions smattered here and there…

    Jeff: Congrats on the win. What did you do to win flowers?

  5. Aww, thanks for the mention, lady!! And your picture is great!! 🙂

  6. That’s such a coincidence!!

  7. Door prize, all I had to do was sit on my @$$

  8. better cover them tonight…a frost is coming!

  9. L’girl: Thanks for the compliment and the return visit 🙂

    Ju: Knew that would get your attention 😉

    Jeff: If that were the norm, a lot of us would get rewarded, and often! ;-P

    K’lar: PD says that’s bunk. Same thing as earlier tonight when I told him not to order a large Fire Eater at Quizno’s. He’s already paid for one of those mistakes, but I’ll be choking back two “I told you so’s”…
    (I think he just wants new landscaping.)

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  11. I like your tulips. I totally get your feeling too….I found one of my pictures on another person’s blog recently, and it kind of freaked me out. At first, I was thinking that the picture looked very similar to one of mine before it hit me that it WAS mine….needless to say, the blog does not exist anymore and I have been forced to be much more protective of my pictures….

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