I’m so excited. Last night was the first time this year that I was able to go to sleep with the windows open and oh my goodness, I love that so much! I woke up with the early morning sun shining in my face, the birds singing and the sweet smells of freshly cut grass hanging in the air. My house smells so fresh and clean and I feel like Life is All Good. And I slept like a baby 🙂

And Sweet Madeline is 3 years old today.

The announcement was made at work last week that our company is switching to a 4-day work week. This was brought up previously, due to about 50% of the workers wanting an extra day off to enjoy the summer. A vote was taken and the idea was scrapped. Now, due to rising gas prices and the general state of the economy, the company has decided that this will be a more cost-effective benefit. Personally, I despise the idea of spending 10 hours at work 4 days a week but I’m keeping an open mind and hoping that I can keep caught up on my sleep enough to actually enjoy the extra day off. I don’t particularly mind working until 4:30 instead of 3:30 but getting up at 4:30 am does not thrill me, not a bit. I was just getting used to driving to work with the sun coming up. So we shall see. There are so many pros and cons, I will try to concentrate on the pros.

Want to share a funny little story that happened last weekend on the way home from NY. PD and I stopped to “gas up” at a little station/store before we left. PD went in to pay and I decided to run in and grab snacks for the ride home. My total came to $6 and some change. I had a wad of one dollar bills in a side pocket in my purse and pulled them out and was counting them out on the counter when the cashier started to chuckle and said “You gave me your fortune.” Several responses went through my head and when I was deciding what to say back to him, I looked down at the bills and saw a little white piece of paper on the pile, which was indeed, from a Chinese fortune cookie. Hehe.


  1. Love the fortune story. And you thought that cashier was being a wiseacre.

    The travel stories fascinate me. Can’t get enough of that kind of thing.

    Have a great weekend, and I hope the early rising doesn’t bother you too much on the new work schedule. I recently switched from 8-5 to 7-4, and while it’s not so bad, it took away my quiet morning breakfast time with Benjamin. He’s almost five now, and those opportunities are going to start disappearing faster than I can imagine. As it is now, I have to tiptoe around in the morning so I don’t roust him out of bed before his mommy wants to wake up. I leave for work right about 6:30 or 6:40 each day, and it wouldn’t do for him to get up before 7.


    Sorry. There I went rambling on about myself, and this blog is supposed to be about you!

  2. I actually had my fan on last night. It was so nice.
    Doin some yardwork today now. So my house will soon have the scent of fresh cut grass all through it again.

    I’m hoping we eventually go to a 4 day work week where I am. I already wake up waaaaay too early, so my sleep pattern wouldn’t change at all. And then I’d have that extra day off to play with each weekend.

    So, what did your fortune say? I have a huge collection of them scattered about my house, in my car and at my various work stations. Just one of my idiosyncracies…

  3. The company I worked for went to a 9 day two week period. We added a half hour to our days, and then had every other friday off…it was a nice happy medium. I didn’t have to get up any earlier if I didn’t want to because I could just cut out 1/2 of my lunch to make up for it.

    I love to sleep with my windows open…they are all open now, but we get unexpected rain storms being that we are in a tropical area, and I hate having to get up to shut windows so most of them are closed at night even if it is nice out…

  4. thefirstdebate

    OMG, are you like me and you can’t throw them away???

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