You probably aren’t going to feel very social today, dear Pisces. In fact, you’re likely to want to work on projects and tasks alone if you can. This actually might be good for you, as you probably need to concentrate on crossing certain things off your list without being distracted. Still, you should get out among others at some point during the day. You might want to be alone, but you’ll still need to feel that you belong. ≈

This was my dead-on horoscope for today and I only just now read it. But that’s usually how I read them; after the fact. That way, I know my actions on any given day aren’t influenced by a thought planted in my head and plus I get the added kick of seeing that mostly they’re pretty accurate. For me anyway.

So, as reported up there, I was wantin’ to be left alone today. Didn’t happen, which made that yearning all the more keen. I had two projects to accomplish at work today. Put the ear buds in and went at it. On breaks I went outside and soaked up as much sun as possible. Spent time thinking of what I needed to accomplish at home this evening and made a mental list. When I got home I dug in and took care of 8 or 10 of those. I did take time to sit on the porch for a little while, where I made a couple of phone calls I’d been putting off. PD got dinner and we sat down to watch Bridge to Terabithia, or the second half of it, since we watched the first half yesterday. I’d intended to watch it last week with Julian and never got to it.

While we dined and watched, a pretty substantial rain shower was going on outside. One single thunderclap and it was over. We finished the movie and dinner. I blew my nose and cleared my head from the profuse weeping (Thanks, Walt Disney) and went back to the porch and was astounded by how the rain transformed our backyard into a beautiful green paradise. The buds on the trees opened in less than two hours time! There must have been magic in that rain!

Either that or Terabithia did a number on my (already child-like) imagination. A kid’s movie for sure, but I came away feeling a surge of hope and creativity and a sense of wonder. I know this sounds hokey, but I ain’t lyin’ to ya. I can’t explain how beautiful the yard looks right now. The sunlight is shining through the rain-soaked leaves, the tulips and daffodils seem brighter and everything is green and shiny. It all has a kind of glow. It even smells wonderful and fresh. The birds must have noticed it too, they’re singing like crazy.

Ok, so my horoscope is a little off… I don’t need to get out among people to feel like I belong. Standing on my porch just then, taking in all the beauty in my own little corner of the world is the most belonging feeling I’ve felt in quite some time.

Going back there now… Wish you could join me : )

11 responses to “MY TODAY

  1. This spring is awesome, isn’t it?

  2. Hazel: Hi 🙂 ‘Tis, ’tisn’t it?

  3. I wish I had a back porch to enjoy!

  4. Well, Jeff: While you’re building that house *wink wink* just tack one on!

  5. Bridge to Terabithia…SUCKED. Well the ending made it suck…no I didn’t read the books and no the kids didn’t read the books either. Damn Disney and their exploits!

    FWIW, my lawn has a nice golden hew from the proliferation of dandelions which seem to be growing far faster than the rest of the lawn. I’m sure it’s Disney’s fault.

    Spring would be better if I could install an invisible 100-foot high filter system to keep out all of the tree, grass, weed and other associated pollens that ruin an otherwise great time of year. A big thank you to the wonderful chemists who came up with Allegra-D!

  6. I believe that we have the ability to subdue each day regardless of the storms that blow our way….granted, sometimes I just watch the storm winds blow. I can remember standing in my yard as a kid during the summer when the clouds would be dark and thick, and I would watch the light in the sky change and feel the temperature drop and enjoy the sudden, unchangeable effects that were taking place. Somehow I believe that the storms, whether inside or out, draw our attention inwardly and whisper uncommunicated truths to our soul. Wow…..where did that come from? LOL

  7. I have a front porch that I enjoy. The back yard looks hideous.
    It won’t be long before the scent of honeysuckle hangs thick in the air around my house. I’m sooooo looking forward to that. But for now, I just get to enjoy all the colors that seem to have been resurrected from their dull, gray slumber.

  8. Kevlar: DUDE. Did ya have to go and poop all over my parade???
    So sorry to learn that you have poopy allergies.
    And the Disneylions in your yard, well, that sucks too. 😉

    Joey: Love how you’re letting things out! If you’re not finding time for your blog, I’m just glad you’re exercising your writing somewhere, and I’m happy you’re comfortable here 🙂

    M+: A porch is a porch is a porch. It’s a place to be comfortable while you’re enjoying the outdoors. Mmmm, honeysuckle. That, lilacs, mock orange and freshly mown grass are some of my favorite Springtime smells. 🙂

  9. Orange is my favorite color and tulips are my favorite flowers. Love that we are so in synch on design and such. I will be back to read more. 🙂

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  11. L’girl: Hey, nice of you to come over 🙂

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