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I have to have one of the coolest grandkids in existence. He’s always loved music and we’ve been dancing since before he could walk. He and JuJu lived with us from his birth until Ju “left us” for Mr. JuJu. Ours was and is a musical household. PD and I were big fans of U2 when Julian was born, as were his mom and Mr. J. So Julian was introduced to Bono and the guys early on. He spent his toddlerhood “being” Bono, complete with the sunglasses and usually with a microphone in his hand. He could perform U2 songs along with the band from having memorized the videos. We’ve got a lot of his “acts” on tape.

Just a little while ago I was playing the Black-Eyed Peas’ Power to the People and Julian and I were dancing. He’s amazing. Like a little, miniature Hip-Hopster. He had his hat on backwards and was bustin’ moves that I can’t even do. I had to call PD in to watch. Going to have to find the get the camcorder out real soon.

He’s making a playlist for me so I can send a Dance Mix home with him.

Oh yeah, I come home from work today and what’s he doing? Re-designing the covers for his Ben 10 dvds.

* my nickname for The Kid.

9 responses to “JULI-ULI-ULIAN*

  1. Awww, this is so great. I love the fact that you have such an awesome relationship wih each other, and that he really likes spending time with you. Enjoy it. These years are so precious.

  2. I’ve got a cute 9-year old girl who you can hook him up with ๐Ÿ˜‰ She likes Rock Band, soccer and shawpin….and little boys with big allowances.

  3. Those eyes are killer!
    Ya gotta love a kid that loves music. You’re blessed to have such a fantastic relationship with him.

  4. Lori: It is awesome. I highly recommend grandparenthood ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wouldn’t trade our relationship for nuttin’. And he’s growing too dern fast. He has promised me though, that he’ll still sit on my lap for a hug until he’s at least 12.

    K’lar: That’d be cool, bring her over. I’ll straighten out her priorities for ya ;-P And who may I ask , taught her that? Not you, surely.
    Actually, he left his first love in Ohio and I think he’s still carrying a torch for her.

    M+: They are, and I do, and I am. Oh and get this- I was there when he was born (Dec. 25, 1999`which would have been my own grandfather’s 100th birthday) for the entire birth and I cut the cord. Was a major rush!

  5. OMG! I just burst into tears. Until he’s 12? That’s priceless.

  6. my god that kid is beautiful! you are awesome, that boy is a very lucky one to have you there teaching him about the importance of music, dancing, and having fun.

    luke loves ben10, just bought him a ben10 ps2 game.

  7. Great picture!

  8. 3 Cheers for Juli-Uli-Ulian!!!

    He seems like a great young man, and didn’t we already have a deal he would produce a music video for me one day?

  9. Ragman: I think he penciled you in, mid 2017. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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