I been totally busy the last few days getting our hurricane aftermath house back in order after making our new living room and the guest room for the grandkids.  The little spare room which used to house the monstrous computer desk and all it’s craziness, a single bed, a nightstand, PD’s stereo and a zillion record albums and a couple filing cabinets and about a ton of stuff (some of PD’s sword collection, 45rpm records, cassette tapes, etc.) that just didn’t fit anywhere else now is home to an awesome set of bunkbeds, a desk and a night stand.  So all that other stuff was scattered all over the house and had to find other homes.  That took a lot of creativity, time and trouble to redistribute and/or discard.  It’s pretty much done now except for an odd box here and there, most of which is crowding up our master bedroom.

But anyway, we’re traveling to Erie today to meet up with the JuJu Clan and have dinner and kidnap the grandson, Julian.  He is on Spring Break from school and has opted to spend it here in PA with us.

In other news, Daily Piglet has totally proclaimed her love and devotion to me in a big way for all the world to see.  And I’m planning an elopement with her in the near future 😉

PD and I went yesterday and returned a defective shit-eating router which caused most of the problems that I reported earlier last week.  He decided to install a new one yesterday and of course that required another two hours on the phone for him, one with the router company and one with our ISP because, of course, we are cursed with that Murphy’s Law Plague Thing…  So I had no internet off and on all weekend and some mild anxiety but survived once again. It’s not as if I had nothing to do to fill up my days.

K, we’re off.  I had more to say but it can all wait for another day.

7 responses to “BIZZY BUSY BIZZEE

  1. That is a lot to have on your hands. Hope the trip goes well, and the week will be wonderful for all involved.

  2. hot dangiggy dang, that’s MY kind of fun. reorganizing stuff, which i just did today with my husband. he loves it. we also steam cleaned the carpets which is heaven to have clean carpets.

    if julian wants to hang out with you guys, that’s more proof of your awesomeness. what a huge compliment!

    i am interested in pd’s sword collection, i like swords and so does the luke.

  3. M+: T’was a good trip, despite rain the whole way up, but sunny on the way home. Yep, we’re havin’ big fun. (see next post)

    P’let: That’s fun for you??? Want a job??? When you come to visit, I’ll make sure there’s a mess for you to figure out ;-P
    PD’s likin’ you more every day! He asked today if he should take pictures of his swords for you… lol This is a total coup, cuz normally PD don’t like nobody. Or so he’d like us to believe…

  4. Ya know, it only stands to reason that if I have a collection of “blades”, I’d like to see other’s as well. Please ask PD to get some pics of his collection for all of us to admire. Besides, if he has anything I really like, I can always talk to my “arms dealer” about getting one for myself…

  5. M+: None of PD’s are as intimidating-looking as yours… but, yeah, I’ll tell him. Maybe by then I’ll have this picture posting thing ironed out. Notice Julian’s picture was framed weirdly just like Maddie’s. I’m such a loser.

  6. it’s good to be choosy like pd is, you know. i would love photos of his sword collection, i’ve had to resist buying them until luke is a little older.

  7. It’s not about the intimidating looks, it’s the craftmanship of each piece. Go here;

    to see what I’m talking about.

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