Just out of curiosity, coupled with my own masochistic tendencies, I’m going to try to post a picture using the new WordPress handy, dandy  “Add Media” option.  This could seriously change my life!  Or send me deeper into the depths of depression… 😉  Wish me luck.

\"Pretty Posies\"

10 responses to “PIC TEST

  1. YAY!!!!!!! It worked.

  2. Lori: Well, sorta. My caption and everything I wrote beneath the pic distappeared. It’s my granddaughter Maddie studying the wildflowers I planted last summer. It’s a favorite picture of mine.
    Guess I’ll be having to figure out the other stuff…
    But I’m glad at least I got a picture on here! 🙂

  3. You rocked that one, Wink. I’m calling the frame’s oversized… um, size… merely an artistic use of white space.

  4. I know that is Maddie. I follow JuJu’s blog all the time. That is where I found you actually. I love reading Juju’s blog. Makes me realize I am not alone in this whole parenting thing. LOL

  5. I call that one…..”Innnocence.” To be a child once more, or just in the heart, let me gather in the zest of life and exhale dreams confirmed. Where did that come from….I haven’t written like that in months?…..oh well.

  6. Such a beautiful pic. I’m glad this one worked for you.
    Maddie is adorable.

  7. Markster: Send me some spare time so I can play around with it. I’m excited. At least I know in the end, even if they’re not the right size, whatever, that I will HAVE PICTURES ON MY BLOG. Maybe one day they will even be good pictures. Meaning professional-looking like yours.

    Lori: I feel really bad that Ju doesn’t have the time to devote to posting that she used to.

    Joey: Good title. Right now it’s called HPIM0123456 or something. ;-P I’m not a good organizer and naming photos takes way more time than I have.
    Appreciate your sentiment. Time to get back in the groove, dude.

  8. We all need to stop and enjoy the flowers sometimes. I would have said smell, but it makes some people sneeze!

  9. I am still waiting on your explaination on your header?.? Good to hear from you. I count you and Jeff two of my closest blog buddies. Take care.

  10. that is a gorgeous photo. when i first read about wordpress adding this feature, i immediately thought of you. and i wondered how you got all of wordpress to fix this for you. you’re are connected.

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