I think I was on here Friday and was surprised to see the new WordPress design. I vaguely remember thinking WTF, where did this come from? I also thought I was just on the wrong page and I would wake up and it would all go away.

Well, in the mean time there has been a major upheaval in our household starting with the purchase of bunk beds to put in the little spare room and ending with a couple days of sporadic Internet service and two full days with none at all. I was lucky to get PD’s birthday post up during a teeny window of “on line” time.

Not going into all the details, but we decided to move our main computer and all its components and accessories downstairs. No small feat. After all the furniture rearranging and lugging stuff up and down stairs for what seemed like weeks, it was time to hook up everything. PD is no slouch when it comes to putting wires where they belong. (He can only type with two fingers, but he knows all about hooking shit up.) So after he did all that, we had no DSL. He was a little suspicious of our router which hasn’t performed quite up to par since we bought it and even less stellarly since he beat the crap out of it one day. To make a long story short, hours upon hours of messing with stuff and talking to tech support and the ISP and purchasing a new router and going through the very same BS all over again… only to find out the problem was with the ISP and not us or the router, we are back up and running. Poor PD… on top of the headache he has, he’s got a sore neck from holding the phone on his shoulder and typing with two fingers.

My part in all of this has been nothing more than a sounding board for my poor, distraught husband. Oh, yeah, that and experiencing some serious withdrawal from blogging and IM and email. But I did it. And it’s going to take me awhile to get caught up. So if I owe you mail, hang tight. I’m hoping this was a slow blogging time so I don’t need days to get caught up on reading.

BTW, PD asked me to thank y’all for the nice birthday wishes. 🙂

7 responses to “SERIOUSLY, FOLKS…

  1. You both came out alive. That’s all that matters.

    Well, getting behind on your online activities deserves some major scrutiny. I mean, local library? Hello? Free online computers thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates. Just make sure you wipe down the keys and the mouse before starting.

  2. Just wanted to say hello. Just stepped away from dial up and am looking at the new stuff. I’ll be in gear soon. Got the new tattoo and love it just for myself. Feels good. Take care.

  3. OMG no internet for two days. I would have been in the hospital, or someone would have!

  4. Mark: You’re right, we did. Although at this point the new router is not hooked up, my laptop is not online. I’m having intermittent thoughts of hurting myself. 😉
    Never even thought of the library. Too busy wallowing in self-pity, evidently.

    Joey: Hey, you came up for air! Yay.
    Are we going to see a picture of the tattoo? I’m picturing it but it’d be better to see the real thing 🙂 It’s great to do stuff “just for you” once in awhile. When I turned 50, I got the top of my ear pierced as my present to myself. Felt good. After the initial pinch, that is. And it took forEVER to heal but I love it.

    Jeff: Actually, in hours (or minutes, but who counted?) it was more than 2 days. But felt like a week! But PD and I had more “quality” time together, so it was a decent trade-off 😉

  5. Glad you’re back. Sometimes I have to wonder if all the hassles are worth it. But in the end I always enjoy my online time. It sure beats watching TV. You and the other bloggers I visit are much more entertaining.

  6. i like pd’s style, if things don’t work then the only viable option IS to beat the shit of it.

  7. M+: It’s worth it to me, but PD is the poor soul who’s spent probably about 8 hours on the phone with tech support in the past week. I’m SURE it’s not worth it to him. Unless maybe you count the “making Linda happy” factor. For some odd reason that seems to make him smile.

    Piglet: And he’s made it into an art 😉 Can’t tell you how many broken tools end up at the back of our yard…

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