APRIL 7, 1961

After searching a few assorted sites under the heading of “On This Day…” I’ve only come up with a couple of things that happened on this day in 1961, particularly. Those two things are as follows:

~ Tad Szulc (d.2001) wrote a front page NY times article on anti-Castro forces training to fight at Florida bases and predicted a probable invasion on April 18. The invasion took place Apr 17.

~ Marian Jordan (62), radio comedienne (Fibber McGee and Molly), died.

Well, I know something wonderful that happened on that day. I was 5 years old and not aware of much that was going on in the world but since then I’ve learned that my world changed because of what happened that day.

PD was born. Happy Birthday, Buddy!  I Love You 😀

7 responses to “APRIL 7, 1961

  1. AWWWW! Happy Birthday PD! Hope you have/had a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope it’s a good one!

  3. Happy Birthday!! And even though I bought your card last month, it will still be a day late!

  4. how cute! happy birthday pd! we love one wink very much, so we KNOW that you must love her equally as much.

  5. Hey! A big Happy B-Day to PD.
    Are you looking for possible gift suggestions? I’ll bet I could come up with a few good ideas. Especially now that I know he fancies the same “toys” like I do.

  6. Happy birthday to Unkie Dunkie…. lol no giveaways of identity there 😉

  7. Happy Birhtday, PD!

    I love the cupcakes in the banner.

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