If you are a friend of the Earth, go here.  Do your part 🙂

On an unrelated note, I’ve been thinking about this lately… If you had to categorize people into two groups, how would you do it?  I think our answers will tell us a lot about how we view the world.  I’m not giving my answer yet and I’ll ask you to try not to read the other comments so that you’re not influenced by other people’s answers.  I’ll wait until “the Regulars” have responded and maybe we can get an interesting discussion going.  If you’re a lurker, I’m interested in what you have to say too.

Have a good weekend.  We have sunshine today 🙂

14 responses to “EARTH HOUR

  1. This is a tough one. There is only one disticntion between people that I can think of; male and female.

  2. Snobby and down to earth.

  3. Racist and Not Racist. I don’t think you can be Just Alittle Racist.

  4. Dumb and dumber.

    No really. Tolerant and intolerant is the first thing that came to my mind.

    Whoa, those look horribly misspelled.

  5. that earth video is AWESOME! i had heard that this was happening but didn’t follow it up. i think google had a message about it on my homepage.

    labeling has always been a struggle for me, mainly b/c people can change i guess, or maybe i change so it appears that everyone else changed too.

    luke likes to ask me about “my favorites” and i tell him that i can’t have a favorite b/c i like too much.

    for the sake of a laugh, i’ll say my categories could be:
    nice people/my husband’s ex-wife. that’s definitive right?

  6. happy(the kind that generally don’t bring everyone around them down) and miserable (people that always see the glass half empty and can turn your great day to shit in .2 seconds)

  7. Saved and unsaved!

  8. Men


  9. Since I’m caught up from being on vacation, I went and read the “Earth Hour”….crap.

    If people want to really help matters out, stop drinking bottled watter and filling our landfill space with Dasani and Evian bottles. Oh and don’t kid yourself….they don’t get recycled….at least Waste Management doesn’t recycle. It’s cheaper and more cost effective to just chuck them in with the rest of the municipal waste. So all that time spent segregating your bottles is all nothing but a big cosmetic joke.

    Hurrican Katrina spoke far more about the woeful nature of our national infrastructure (levees, bridges, communication) than it did about global warming. Emissions regulations are incredibly stringent in the U.S. and getting more stringent daily. Every day I work and see projects that take $100s of thousands to millions of dollars to protect soil, groundwater and air pollution. Quite honestly, its not the Honeywells, Exxons, Shell’s of the world that are really causing damage. For the most part these major corporations divert significant funds to environmental departments and make efforts to clean up what they contaminate. I make a living off of getting those clients to trust me to clean up their problem…so I should know. Accidents happen and they always will, but for the most part corporations are ready to fix what they can.

    The combined emissions and pollution coming from the smaller mom and pop operations, who don’t do things by the book accounts for more significant environmental issues than you can imagine. They don’t get “airplay” because those polluters are not sexy enough for MSNBC, CNN etc..

    As far as straight up global warming goes…I can take snapshots of time to forge a case for it one way or the other. Get your data and massage it at your will as they say. I will caution people though that making a judgement based on 5 years, 20 years or 100 years worth of data is nearly meaningless in a geologic time scale.

  10. Everybody: Thanks for your input. I’ll post my answers soon.

    K’lar: Thank you for your insight on things. I’m at a disadvantage (with a whole lot of other folks) having to rely on what the media decides to tell us about these issues. I’m a recycler, only throw away what’s absolutely necessary. It’s one of a number of inconvenient things I do on a daily basis in the name of “doing my part” for the environment, country, community, whatever.
    I get really upset when I try to make a decision about something based on “what I know” only to find that we’re not being presented with accurate pictures of how things really are. I appreciate people like you with first-hand knowledge telling the truth. I am very mistrustful of “the powers that be” in the first place and I resent the power that special interest groups, politicians, etc. have to slant and bias information for their own gain.
    Something else that bugs the shit out of me is all the landslides, etc. (Rt. 28 for ex.)… When you rape a hillside of all its trees, where do you expect the dirt to go? That’s a big Duh, even to me.
    I’m not educated enough to make a statement (obviously) about global anything. Which is why I rarely address these types of issues here on One Wink, but I’m grateful for your time and care to educate and enlighten.

    Thanks, Buddy. Hope you had a great vacation!

  11. Rt. 28 is falling down because the road runs through the worst possible geologic area. You have what are called the “Pittsburgh Red Beds” above and below a limestone laywer (I think its the Ames Limestone). Essentially the Pittsburgh Red Beds are a clayey shale that expands and contracts ALOT with moisture content and weathers away very rapidly. The limestone on the other hand is very resistant….so you end up with big overhangs of Ames Limestone that com crashing down onto the roadway.

    Tree root systems can help on earthen hillsides…but more often than not, you get a dumbass in a backhoe that cuts off the toe of a hillside which starts the wheels in motion.

  12. Wow! That was informative.
    I don’t think I can say too much without getting more political than I’d like to here.
    I do what I can with recycling. It just seems like a good idea to me. But I give mine to the Boy Scouts, who actually take the stuff to be recycled.
    And I will recommend this; Composting!
    Make your discarded fruit and vegetable matter work for you. Unless, of course, you’re not into gardening.

  13. Kevlar: You’re going to make me smart eventually. I’m even learning that Pgh. has “limestone lawyers.” Cool 😉

    M+: You have my “permission” to get mildly political here… Just don’t expect me to participate! Ha.
    Composting, gardening… it’s all good.

  14. What do you mean IF, I’ve been sorting people into 2 groups for decades now, mine is so easy and practical and c’mon I can’t be the only one who groups people into:




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