Looky what I found…
Russell Crowe singing One Good Year at the 2006 CMAA Awards. I’d heard he could sing and had a band (The Ordinary Fear of God.) I was pleasantly surprised. It’s from the movie One Good Year, which I have not seen.

Incidentally, You Tube loves me again.  This import took less than 5 minutes.

5 responses to “INTERESTING…

  1. i guess i’m not too surprised, i mean he is crazy. everyone knows crazy people have all the talent 🙂

    i don’t particularly like him mr. crowe, but he kicked ass in american gangster with denzel.

  2. I like Mr. Crowe, but I have a problem with his mumbling…..ruh…ruh….ruh….ruh………”what did he say?”

  3. Piglet: U R so right about crazy talented people. Seems that way to me, anyway. I think their brains are wired specially and/or defective. Defective in a good way.

    Joey: Hi Stranger 🙂 I haven’t noticed mumbling, maybe because I listen extra hard because I like his accent.

  4. Actor acting like a singer 🙂

    Now here’s a song I’ve been listening to a lot recently, talk about great singers and great songs ..


  5. Not bad. From 2:40 to about 3:05, he reminds me of the lead singer of… dang! I can’t think of the name. Help.

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