Well, isn’t this just a fine How-dee-doo. I guess you are going to have to exercise your index fingers and go here to watch the video for my favorite song of the week. It seems You Tube is now part of the conspiracy to drive me nutz. Let me know how you like the song. The vid is just ok and the sound quality sucks but it’s a great song. I cranked it today on the way home from work with the sun roof open and the sun shining in. Good time.

I had a truly great Easter weekend with the JuJu Fambly. They came Thursday evening. The kids have grown like crazy since Christmas. Yes, we kept them up too late, what did you think? 😉 At one point during the weekend, Maddie, aged two, confessed that she didn’t “yike ham anymore.” Julian (8 years) kept himself busy “riding” the new swivel chair and creating a cold draft in the livingroom. Drew (16 mos.) is just plain too cute and loves to dance with me. Ju gave me a great skincare consultation and Mr. Ju and I regularly fell asleep each time we found ourselves on the new cushy comfy couch.

Our new furniture arrived bright and early Friday morning at 8am. Of course we hadn’t gotten the old furniture moved out yet (who expects furniture movers to be so punctual?) so it was wall to wall furniture; the equivalent of three couches and two large chairs. The new couch has 13 big cushions and 4 pillows. The chair came with 2 big cushions and one smaller one. So the kids had a ball diving and rolling all over the place.

This weekend a friend from high school will be in town so a bunch of us are getting together at a local establishment (read: watering hole) and I’m looking forward to that. There are about 25 of us from my graduating class who get together once or twice a year in between class reunions and we have a really good time. I promise to have at least one funny story to share after. Chances are it will involve a guy named Brad who’s (also) nutz.

Gotta run. Sorry about the video. Blame You Tube…

5 responses to “GIVING THE RING BACK

  1. Very cool tune!
    Sounds like you and the Ju Fambly had a blast. Kids growing like weeds? Whoduthunkit?

  2. Glad you had a good family time.

    I like that tune. It’s funny to me that there is a sight where you can go watch a music video of just about anything, but not one where you can just go listen to a song. This song suffers a little when combined with the video. Years ago I decided that I prefer to hear the music but not see someone else’s idea of what I should watch while listening to it. Except in the case of movies, where the visual is the main thing and music is there in a supporting role.

  3. M+: Glad you agree 🙂

    Mark: You do utilize Pandora, don’t you? I have found some great music there that I’d not have heard otherwise.
    I agree w/you on the video factor, although once in awhile you come across one that actually makes bad music seem better.

  4. that is really cool that you get to meet up with your “peeps” from school.

    that video/music is really awesome.

    i love your header. purty flowers!

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