I “ordered” a video from YouTube about a half an hour ago and it’s not here yet so you’re not watching it.  In case it shows up, as it eventually will, before I get back here, its a band called Stereophonics.  The song is Dakota and it’s This Week’s New  Favorite Song for me.  Enjoy it if its here and no cracks about the dudes sunglasses.  I’ll merge this post with it later.

I have about three posts in my head (M+, are you laughing?) and lots to tell so come back soon.

10 responses to “A LESSON IN PATIENCE

  1. I wil definitely come back.

  2. as if we aren’t all clicking over here every 90 seconds already 🙂

    woo hoo.

    how exactly does one “order” a video from you tube? you must be getting special treatment or something. did you marry you tube without telling me?

  3. Lori: See ya later then… It’s 6:05am and it’s not here yet! 😦

    P’let: Ha, you flatter me.
    Under the vids, you click on Share and a window will come up where you can enter your blog url and it will forward the vid to your blog. Usually… And mostly it comes right over, sometimes takes longer. But never this long. Last time it didn’t come right away, I resent and ended up with two. If it’s not here when I get home from work, I’ll re-do…

  4. Sorry that I have not been in touch in a while. I am in a little cloud of my own and vision is limited to only three inches beyond my own nose. Changing with the season.

  5. Ok….I have never asked this….what does ” She’s got the devil in ‘er eyes…Only one way to exorcise him…” mean? Poke him with a fork….don’t miss the eye or you might hit your nose….lol.

  6. Joey: Hi Bud. We missed you. “Hey, you! Get out of that cloud!”
    Those are song lyrics to my favorite Replacements’ song. Would you like me to send you the song? Ok. I will. Soon. If I can manage not to poke my eye out, smart ass.

  7. Flaminius

    So, I guess the video never quite got here?

  8. Flaminius: Actually, it did. A day late if I recall… You’re welcome to dig around for it 😉
    Thanks for coming around. Nice surprise. Hope you are well.

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