This is a quick one, being that I need to go back to work today after a great 3-day weekend.

So that phone call to the insurance company? Was a breeze! Amazing huh? No menu to wait through, just a minute-long “wait for the next available representative” and then “Mark” came on (I’m going to marry him, Piglet! *wink*) and in less than five minutes and a cartwheel which I didn’t even have to remove my shirt for and I was all taken care of. The guy even had a sense of humor. He asked for my cell number which I don’t know except by letters because I can’t remember the numbers and he laughed when I spelled it out. Looking back now I have no clue why he would need my cell number… but the fact that he actually laughed was an added bonus.

As for the other phone call, from my Dr., George… Now this is where it gets interesting, so sit tight. My biopsy results (which neither of us expected to be good) were not only good but there was an improvement. Now let me tell you. The only explanation for that, the only thing that can account for the improvement is that I’ve been praying like crazy.

K, sorry but I gotta run. We’ll talk later. Have a good one.

8 responses to “GOOD MORNING

  1. Glad to hear good news on the biopsy.

    Of course, it’s no surprise that the insurance guy you liked was named “Mark,” or that you chose that top-secret name for him, whatever the case may be.

    Happy return to a full work week!

  2. Yay on the biopsy results. Prayer does work!

    Giving out your phone number to strange men? Interesting!

  3. 1-800-what-the-fruit? And good to hear that all is well.

  4. OK, I’ll do the naked cartwheels as a celebration of your good news…
    Could you ask for a better Easter present – “by His stripes we are healed”, you know? There were a lot of us praying with you.

  5. Glad to hear the good news, big Sis!

  6. Mark: Thanks, Buddy 🙂 I actually forgot the dude’s name but called him “Mark” for two reasons: He put me in mind of you and it’s part of the insurance company name. Sneaky huh?
    Jeff: Yes and yes. He was not strange at all ;-P If I were to give out my # to strange men, you’d have it by now. Oops, I didn’t just type that out loud?
    Joey: Forgot how quiet is was getting without you around!

    Actually my number is (verb) + 1 + (noun) and it’s kind of cute.
    Example: SMELL1ROSE. Way easier to remember, especially for all the strange men.

    Yeah, it was nice to share good news for a change.
    M+: I’m glad someone remembered the other post and knew what I was referring to… I was too rushed this morning to link to the other post(s). Have fun with that cartwheel.
    It was an awesome Easter present 🙂
    BB: Thanks. Good to hear from you. Go home!

    And thank you to everyone who said prayers, from the bottom of my heart.

  7. VERY GLAD YOU ARE IN GOOD HEALTH!!! you aren’t allowed to get sick ok?

    i think i should get all the credit for the improvement of your health. b/c i have special super powers and all.

    marrying people/places/things (ie: nouns) is totally the way to go these days 🙂

  8. Piglet: Where do you think I got that marrying thing? From you! WWPD? I asked myself and “Marry the dude” was the answer I got…
    Thanks for sharing your super powers 🙂

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