Enjoying my Sunday morning with coffee and myself. Waiting for the sun to come out because dammit, I need sunshine.

Last night I was attempting to go on my Healthcare site and regrettably, was too freakin lazy stubborn to look up my username/password which I couldn’t remember because I so frequently (not) visit my Healthcare site. So I go on and click the Forgot That Important Shit button. They ask you your security question and I typed in my favorite (whatever.) Well, I got it wrong three or five times so they suspended me or my account or some damn thing. Of course I understand this is a safeguard to discourage anyone from trying to access my terribly private member status crap. So now I have to call their help desk tomorrow and find out what to do. I’m guessing it will involve jumping through some hoops and a coupl’a intricate double backward one-handed naked cartwheels and hopefully no bribage. Something I can easily pull off on a 15-minute break at work. Riiiiight. Because no way am I sacrificing my precious lunch half hour on the phone with someone whom I most likely will not be able to understand who will transfer my call to 3 other people, 2 of which I won’t be able to understand. Not to mention a couple of hundred complicated menu options to sit through before I actually do get hooked up with a real voice.

This wouldn’t be a big deal except that I have a procedure (the second follow-up from that one, necessitated by the fact that the meds did not do their magic the last two times) scheduled for after work tomorrow and it would be a pisser to find out that I canceled my own medical insurance and have to end up paying gazillions hundreds of dollars out of my inheritance. pocket. For a procedure that I already know the outcome will not be what I’m hoping for. And more testing and crap will be facilitated and won’t be covered because I’m such a retard I was too lazy to look up my username/password.  Aaaargh.

Please, just let this phone call come off like this: “Oh, jes, Meezez (insert my neem here,) zeese eez eezilee feexed. I feex eet for yoo. No worreez. Ju haff a goot day.”

It’s so fun to be me.

15 responses to “WHO IS STEVE HO?

  1. Hope the procedure goes smoothly and turns out well.

  2. You are hilarious. I hope you get it straightened out without any major problems. In 10 minutes would be nice. LOL. I know…yeah right.

  3. I think its the endless options menu that I hate most. I already have to deal with people who have accents. So that’s not a problem for me. But the options menu always sounds like something the lawyers came up with…
    Anyways, best wishes for the procedure. In my prayers as always.

  4. You could probably try and log in again today online…not sure how long they will try and keep you out, maybe 24 hours. Good luck! Kids are getting antsy to see you guys, and they haven’t caught my cold yet. They’ll catch it wednesday night for sure.

  5. Well have fun with their support system, let me know if it is worse than that certain cable company that I love so well.

  6. Thanks everyone for your good wishes, input and prayers 🙂

  7. I think I missed your birthday. – Happy Belated Birthday!

    Good luck with your password thing.

  8. Cas: Thanks x 2 🙂

  9. You should write these things down. :0

  10. K’lar: Oh my, what a terrific idea. Wish I’d thought of that 😛
    (see next-to-last paragraph… …too lazy to look up…) … That means – written down in a cute little address book with about a zillion others, neatly and in alphabetical order.
    Sorry for the snotty, I’m still mad at myself for this.

  11. You cranky old broad! LOL!

  12. Kev: You feelin’ lucky today? ;-P hehe

  13. How are you? Looks like you have been changing your header a lot. Looks nice.

  14. i saw a young tween at the movies this past weekend with a modest mouse t-shirt on. i thought of you. and, how cool that girl must be to dig on “your” music.

  15. Joey: Hi guy. Where you been? I’m good. Easter made me need some flowers to look at.

    Piglet: I like that you thought of me 🙂

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