I came here to write an absolutely amazing post.  Maybe my best ever.  But my laptop screen is doing this crazy, freakish jumping thing.  Like my scrollbar developed some kind of seizure disorder or something.  At first, it would stop when I touched the touch pad.  Then after a little while that stopped working.  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s the wireless mouse?  I dunno.  Tell me if you ever had this problem.  Otherwise I’ll have to call the Son and leave voicemail and wait a week for a reply.

I was kidding about the amazing post.  It was just mediocre.  At best.


  1. i bought a wireless mouse over the holidays and it was possessed so i had to stop using it. this did not make me happy.

    as well, sometimes when windows does an automatic update, it interferes with my mozilla browser.

  2. Check the battery in your mouse, and also make sure it’s clean…could be on a cracker crumb or something.

  3. There could be a short in the mouse, laptop, or you yourself… lol. We all have been known to work for a little while and then not…

  4. I think you are just going crazy :p

  5. @kevlar: Going? She’s been gone for quite awhile now.

    Hi Linda 🙂 Mine would do that when the battery was low. Of course it could be possessed, maybe it is possessed by the ghost of Internet Explorer!

  6. Make sure no keys are stuck. You won’t be able to see that it’s stuck, but it could be. Tap on the CTRL, ALT and Shift keys (not too hard) to see if you can “unstick” them.

    My wife has see strange behavior from her laptop, and it’s always a stuck key.

    That said, try replacing batteries in your wireless mouse. I have very little experience with them, but like others have said, it could be the problem.

  7. I got nuthin…

    Actually, I’d be willing to bet the post was going to be at least exceptionally witty, or perhaps humorously entertaining.

  8. P’let: Those automatic updates make me insane. Somebody somewhere must sit around all day and make updates every day all day long.

    Ju: It would most likely be a Frito Scooper crumb…

    Joey: You’re logic is amazing. ;-P

    K’lar: That’s absurd.

    Amigo: Thin ice, dude. 😉 I’ll try the batteries, thx.

    Mark: No stuck keys.

    M+: Your faith in me is amusing albeit appreciated. I’ll let you in on yet another secret… shhh… I had no post planned. Ha.

  9. i am FIRST! to wish you a happy birthday! WOO HOO!

  10. O

    hi uld
    T s sho



    er then.

  11. OK I’ll be serious.

    Give the monitor a good whack! It should work. Good whacks always work.

    If it doesn’t work, give the keyboard a good whack.

    Then whatever else you can whack. Just keep whacking away until everything comes to a standstill.

    It works better if you have a good heavy baseball bat…..

  12. That’s OK, I originally had no comment planned…

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