Since I am not privileged enough to run with the Big Dogs over at the Peevery, I’m going to post my own miniature version of a Peeve here.

It has come to my attention that Disney has a new cartoon called The Replacements.  If you know me well, you know that my very favorite band is The Replacements (no connection WHATSOEVER) and I’m irritated, to say the least.  Now when I try to google something about my band, I not only have to muddle through and past things like that movie, now there is cartoon crap clogging up my list of sites to click on.

Now I realize that the (band) Replacements are hardly a household name.  And that is only because such a large percentage of the population has never been exposed to their music.  Otherwise, they would be way more famouser and no one would ever think to steal their name for a lame cartoon.  Who would name a cartoon The Beatles, or The Cure or Death Cab for Cutie unless the cartoon was actually about the Beatles, the Cure or Deathcab?

I actually watched about 5 minutes of this cartoon out of curiosity.   Wow.  Yuck.  Disney has lowered it’s standards by a few gazillion points, I think.  The characters seem to be a huge, bloated Elvis-wanna-be, an overly-made up blonde with a broom something up her butt and a couple of obnoxious kids with red hair and hyperactivity issues.  The animation is sub-standard and the cartoon has that loud/ugly quality that so many of them do these days.  Not that I’m a good one to ask, but I do have grandkids.

The least they (Disney) could have done is not name the cartoon after my heroes or maybe make it a watchable cartoon.

Now that I think of it though, a cartoon about the band might have been pretty damn cool.  I’m not going to describe how I would imagine it though, because it would be lost on anyone who isn’t a fan.

K.  I’m done whining.  Er, I mean peeving. There are way bigger issues in this world to be addressed.  But I chose a cartoon.

13 responses to “NOT FUNNY, WALT

  1. Didn’t The Beatles have more than one cartoon? Yellow Submarine and … something else I can’t recall. Or am I mistaken on the second one?

    Yeah, I’m not a real big fan of Disney. I’ve always prefered Bugs and the gang over Mickey. And lately, everything that comes out of Disney seems to come with it’s own soapbox message. Can’t we just have entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Why must everything be so “activist” these days?

  2. Bugs…the Road Runner….Speedy….those were the biggies. Cartoons suck these days, or is it that I am just getting old? I don’t know. Acme Corporation, now that is what we need on the corner instead of Walgreens!

  3. M+: Oh yeah, I think you’re right. Maybe Help? But you know what I meant… Not movie cartoons, the other kind.

    Joey: Don’t you know it… So many of them are ugly and intrusive. There are exceptions I’m sure. I don’t really have a good grasp on what’s out there.
    I never even liked Fantasia.

    I miss Elmer Fudd.

  4. OK, I didn’t realize that this was a weekly cartoon. I though you were talking about a Disney movie. Had I known that I would’ve reminded everyone that both the Osmonds and the Jackson 5 had their own cartoons…

    I do so miss Bugs and Daffy and all the rest. Some of my favorite quotes have come from those cartoons. Tell me you don’t bust out laughing any tome someone says “Yoikes! And awaaaaay!” or “Oooo, my very own bunny rabbit!”

  5. Boo on Disney a usual. These newfangle execs have little regard for anything past 5 years ago. How uncreative- It’s almost like they have to intentionally confuse themselves with somethings really popular to get noticed. As popular as the (band) Replacements are, that STUPID cartoon is now 6 places from the top of google search; lol. And lets not forget the hollywood movie by the same name.

  6. M+: Um, I don’t remember either of the quotes. It’s either:
    1) I missed an episode due to my other numerous Saturday morning engagements (yeah right) or
    2) My very selective memory was busy with “Shhhhh… I’m hunting wabbits” or “Yabba Dabba Do” or something even more profound. Like “Meep, Meep.” Yeah, that’s it.
    CT: Hi and welcome to our little Therapy Session.
    Yeah, what you said. And how do those goofbuckets decide what should be popular? I never ever would have believed that Sponge Bob would catch on. But it turns out it was kind of a trend setter. I don’t think it’s necessary to give our kids an “outlet” (something removed from reality) so much, heck they’re too young to even need a break from it. This commentary could go on and on…
    I included the movie in paragraph 2 of my whine. You one of those “skimmers?” We don’t stand for that here. If I take the time to write it, dammit, you read it! ;-P

  7. This is because we can no longer have blatant racist stereotypes in our cartoons! No characters in blackface, no rampant cigarette use, no demeaning of mexicans insinuating they were lazy, can’t go blowing up endangered species, dropping bombs…bricks…boulders…anvil’s etc…You can’t make fun of people who stutter (Porky Pig) either…no shotguns, handguns, missles, lead shot, poison or impersonations of gangsters either. Warner Brothers was openly corrupting the minds of americans throughout the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s!

    Since the thought police came around, you can’t even see these cartoons on Boomerang anymore.

    Disney sucks and most of their movies suck as well. However, you get a few that are half way decent and they become “Classics”. The best cartoons on TV today (in no particular oder):

    Dexters Lab
    Fairly Odd Parents
    Samurai Jack – although I don’t think its on anymore

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is OK
    Jo Jo’s Circus is not to terribly bad
    Winnie the Pooh (still the best)
    Rollie Pollie Ollie was damn good when it was on

    The greatest irony in all of this is that through the magic of Disney, Billy Ray Cyrus owns you all through the exploitation of his daughter Miley aka Hannah Montana.

  8. Did you even try out for the Peevery? Hmm?

  9. K’lar: Wow, you put more thought into a comment than I’ve ever put into a post! Impressive.
    You make some terrific points. As in the cartoon world, so many things in everyday life have changed. I wish I had more time to address you. You really should have a blog, you know. You got a great brain.
    I love Rollie Pollie Ollie. He rocks 🙂

    PM: No way, you guys (and Michael) are pros! I’m happy to stay here on my porch. Hazel got the Peevin’ Blood in our family.
    Wish I’d know you were comin’, I’d have been good and pist!
    Thanks 🙂

  10. disney sucks, has sucked for a long time. i mean, look what those idiots did to britney.

    i auditioned for the peevery a long time ago. i’m not done auditioning, i just sat it out the past couple of times. those peevery folks are awesome, very intimidating they are.

    and their leader? pm? she can kill you with her eyes i hear. but i love her anyway. (don’t be jealous, i met her before i met you.)

  11. OW: No blog for me. I’d rather come here and rant on yours. 🙂

  12. Kevlar’s got it right. Cartoons that are unheedingly politically correct are boring.

    Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera were the cartoons for me. I never watched any Disney cartoons at all (besides the movies) until my son watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s not a bad show, really.

    I agree, however, that Disney has wandered far off its path.

    And what the hell is up with Tom and Jerry now being buddies who solve mysteries or whatever cockamamie arrangement they’ve cooked up? That’s just plain ridiculous.

  13. I’m having seizures over all of this.
    I agree with so much of what everyone is saying, but I regret that I wasn’t the one to say any of it first…

    I’m still stuck trying to figure out how you can not remember the two quotes I shared.
    You don’t remember Daffy Duck as Robin Hood slamming into a tree after yelling “Yoikes! And away!”?
    Or the Abominable Snowman yearning for his very own bunny rabbit? I get hits on my blog almost every day from people looking for one of those two sound bytes. I only wish I had them. You’d laugh your butt off.

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