I met Jesse when he was about four years old.  He was a really cool little kid.  As he got older, I started giving him riddles to solve.  He was pretty good at them.  I never thought it was necessary to tell him that I am terrible with riddles.  My mind just isn’t logical like that.  And I have a hard time translating abstract things into whatever it is you translate abstract things into.

So now Jesse is 18 years old.  He works in the grocery store where I shop.  Tonight I saw him there, walking toward me with a big smile.  He was on his break.  He gave me a big hug and we spent a little time catching up.  As we were saying our goodbyes and he was walking away, backwards, he said, “Hey Linda, I got a riddle for you.  How long is a Chinaman?

Before I left the store, he wondered if I had come up with an answer. *No.*  He gave me this hint… The answer is in the question.  But it’s not really a question.

I am stumped.  It is my homework.  I guess I already told you that I never told him I was terrible with riddles.  Please help.  I have to grocery shop again next week!

*It’s a long shot, but I mixed up the letters in Chinaman.

13 responses to “AM AN INCH?*

  1. Linda, That’s an old one. The answer is in the question. Read it not as a question, but as a statement.

  2. JMB: HI! I just got it. I feel really dumb and really smart at the same time. Thanks, I owe you a beer!
    And I have to laugh, I forget you may be reading here and then you pop up at the weirdest times! Love You, Baby Bro.
    “Am an inch”… I’m such an ass. lol

  3. you might just have to switch grocery stores if this whole incident comes up again with a new riddle.

    i still don’t get the damn thing, so i’m not good with riddles either i suppose.

  4. Gah, I hate thinking, so riddles are a tool of the devil!

  5. I am with daily piglet…I don’t know either, so I would switch to Piggly Wiggly….no Krogers… Publix, yeah Publix.

  6. Wink, I think I get it. You read it as a name, “How Long, is a Chinaman,” telling you How Long’s ethnicity?

  7. I was gonna say 8 letters…

  8. You’ns are all making me laugh. Those of you I thought would be right on top of it, well… yer not. LOL
    I don’t feel so bad.

    Joey: We have none of those stores around here except Krogers but I don’t even know where the closest one is. It’s ok though. Since I solved the riddle, I can shop at my store and hold my head up high. 😉

    Bailey: Good thinking! I’m impressed 🙂

    M+: If you had included the “a” that would be 9…

  9. That phrase is used as a reply when someone is bugging you about when something will get done. ” How long before you get that project done?” Reply: “How long is a Chinaman.”

  10. 10 if you include the space…

  11. I take offense at the term “Chinaman.” I am an Asian-American.

  12. When you get that, it gives you no sense of accomplishment whatsoever.

    The more it dries the wetter it gets.

  13. BB: Thanks for that tidbit. I’ll use it on PD. Often.

    M+: Sticklers of a feather…

    How Long: The riddle is about YOU, man. Change it!
    (you maked me laugh)

    Bu: lol Some of us have higher standards for what dictates an achievement. Obviously, you’re more accomplished than I. I was pretty proud, after debating about it for, like 3 hours.

    Your riddle makes no sense to me. Elaborate.

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