Was reading through some of my old posts when I still used Blogger. This post seemed to get a lot of comments. It seems that people who read blogs like to talk about themselves. Fancy that. So I decided to re-post part of that post and let y’all do the talking today.

1) What item would you choose to put into a time capsule that would best represent you?
2) What is your favorite slow-dance song?
3) How many pillows do you sleep with?
4) What’s your favorite euphemism for “making out”?
5) What color are your eyes?

Now git busy…


Added later:  wtf … Now, in my Top Clicks box there is a “file” link that is the entire photo which I referred to yesterday, the hyphen being a cropped version of the photo.   Did I grant someone blog administrator rights during a drunken stupor or something?  Stay tuned for the next installment of MY BLOG HAS A LIFE OF IT’S OWN*

*and it’s undermining my sanity! 

14 responses to “TALK TO ME

  1. Hey! This is great! I get to go first. OK, lets see…

    1) My copy of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity
    2) Slow Dancin’ – Johnny Rivers
    3) 5
    4) “making out”
    5) blue

  2. 001. My CD collection.
    002. Atomic, Blondie… Well, I’m being smart.
    003. 1
    004. Make it magnificent…
    005. Dark brown, near black.

  3. I guess maybe I could have included my answers. Some of them change from time to time, but for this week:

    1. My iPod, I think would say more about me than anything.
    2. When A Man Loves a Woman ~ Percy Sledge (lots of dipping opportunities)
    3. 3
    4. “How you doin’?” with a quick wink and a barely perceptible head jerk on the “you” for the invitation but when referring to the activity, “Gettin’ flimsy.” Explanation available on request…
    (Looks like I get the prize for run-on answer for #4)
    5. Green

    M+: Great song

    BD: Like your #4

  4. 1)My medical insurance card.
    2)Dancing in the moonlight-King Harvest (not the Thin Lizzy one)
    3)2 or 3
    4)”Hey, got a minute?”

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  6. Miss 1 Wink,
    #1 My picture, rolled up in a Ladies Lacy Thong……………
    #2 “May I have this Dance for the rest of my Life” Ann Murray
    #3 2 Pillows, 1 for my head, and 1 to hug, on lonely nights .
    #4 As a Teenager, it was “Doing the Dirty Deed”, now at my age, it’ “Playing Kissey Face”.
    #5 Brown, no comment…………….

  7. 1…A recording of the laughter of my wife and children. I love to make people laugh…and think.

    2…Maybe “You Have Lost That Loving Feeling,” maybe because some of the best things slip right through my finger tips.

    3…5 pillows…2 of my own and three of my wifes. Sometimes in the middle of the night I cannot recall who is the wife and what is a pillow (bad thought, remember the duck in the movie “Click?”)

    4…Jeff…love yours…ha ha, but really…my euphemism is “wrestling” in front of the kids, “cracking” when just playing around, “knowing each other” when refering to Abe and Sarah, and to the heart of the matter “be with me” from the soul.

    5…Color of eyes…light brown…Like a good breve. I am full of coffee. You can always tell when I got to go pee. Just look into my eyes.

  8. “Gettin’ flimsy.”?
    Oh, I gotta know…

  9. 1) What item would you choose to put into a time capsule that would best represent you?
    my wooden box with all of my diaries from a young age. no one has ever gone into my box except for me.

    2) What is your favorite slow-dance song?
    the lady in red and you look wonderful tonight.

    3) How many pillows do you sleep with?

    4) What’s your favorite euphemism for “making out”?
    playing backgammon or fooling around.

    5) What color are your eyes?
    blue or green depending on what i’m wearing.

  10. 1. necklace with inscription, “do what you love, love what you do”
    2. Slow Dance?, me? Ha ha ha
    3. 2-4 depending on how many get kicked out of bed by me, the fiance, the dog, or the cats.
    4. Playing kissy face
    5. Hazel

  11. 1. Probably a picture of my family….they are my world.

    2. I’m not positive of the title….i think it’s when you say nothing at all—Allison Krause(not sure of spelling either….yes I do know the song!)

    3. 1 pillow- 1 hubby

    4. Younger years called it scrumpin’ …now messin’ around.

    5. Blue

    Gettin flimsy? That doesn’t sound right for that particular activity!

  12. Jeff: Love your #1 answer. It’s good that you’ve kept a sense of humor considering… And your #4 answer is my favorite, by far.

    Bobby: You devil, you 😉 You sound to be quite a Lady’s Man. Why am I not surprised your eyes are brown? 😉

    Joey: You’ll have to e’splain. I couldn’t get the whole way through “Click” and must have missed that reference.
    Also, “Be with me” has such a beautiful, inviting sound to it.
    Never heard “cracking”… is that a Southern thing?
    What color were your eyes before you discovered the Bean Juice?

    M+: Flimsy? I think you’re old enough to get this; Remember on Happy Days when the Cunninghams would refer to “getting Frisky?” Once I tried their line on PD and mistakenly substituted “flimsy” for “frisky.” It was funny and it stuck. That’s all. Since I’m a lady and can’t say the “H word” (rhymes with corny) I preferred Frisky… er, well… Flimsy.

    P’let: Those diaries I bet are very precious to you. I have tons of them myself.
    Great songs.
    I have married friends who call it “shooting pool.”
    What color are your eyes when you’re The Lady in Red?

    Bailey: Please tell why the no slow dancing?

    Nat: When You Say Nothing at All is a Bee-yoo-ti-ful song!
    I remember you and Ryan slow dancing at your wedding. It wasn’t that song tho’. I also remember you using the word “scrumpin'” It’s still funny 🙂
    Flimsy: If you think about it, in a weird way, it kind of fits…

  13. Yeah, I’m old enough to remember. That is such an awesome explaination. And it sounds so like you…

  14. 1. A tough one…hmmm, oh I just don’t know. I don’t think I can be encapsulated by 1 thing!
    2. A ton of favorites: Almost paradise, All my life (linda ronstadt), Sometimes when we touch (Dan Hill), It’s your love (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill) and one last one, In your eyes (Peter Gabriel)
    3. One large foam pillow
    4. Tongue hockey
    5. Brown-eyed girl

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