I just found out that all of my categories are not listed in my Category Cloud. I promptly went on my Dashboard and went into my Widgets under the Presentation heading and selected 40 categories to be listed instead of the 30 that was shown in the box. I clicked on Save Changes. That seemed simple enough to me. Yeah, right. Well, I’m still seeing only 29 or 30 categories listed in the box. I guess though, that it’s not inconceivable that when I come on here tomorrow 50 or so will be showing there.

Just another in a long, long line of my daily challenges. If you’re new here, you may have noticed that I don’t publish pictures on my blog. Why? Oh, I dunno. Maybe because I’ve tried only about a zillion times and can’t quite pull it off.

And this is weird: Down at the bottom of my sidebar in the box headed Top Clicks, under the listings, I noticed a hyphen. Hmmn. When I clicked on it, up popped a cropped version of a picture of myself holding Raggy’s Maybe Some Day CD that he’d sent me. (Autographed of course, and one of my most treasured pieces of music) How that picture got there is completely beyond my comprehension. When I tried to upload it for the post I’d written about it, I couldn’t do it.

I’m surprised that I even get my posts up most days…

Any advice would be appreciated. Otherwise, we’ll go on as before. It’s good enough for me.

Oh yeah, and as soon as I get permission from the other involved parties, I have a coincidence to share with you. JuJu will be thrilled, as usual…


* Otherwise known as “The Story of My Life


  1. My advice;
    Go back to Blogger….

  2. Should I be ashamed that I laughed out loud at this:

    How that picture got there is completely beyond my comprehension.

    And, to M+’s advice on going back to Blogger — boo, hiss. I left Blogger more than two years ago and haven’t looked back since. Of course, I don’t use the hosted version of WordPress. I use the kind one has to install oneself on one’s own host, because I like the nerdy stuff to some extent. Still, it was very easy and is very simple to post pictures.

    Sorry you’re still having so much trouble, wink.

  3. M+: I have thought about it, but only for two reasons; I could post pictures there and make pretty colored print. But they pist me off too many times. And not because I’m incompetent.

    Mark: If I made you laugh, don’t you dare be ashamed. It’s what I live for…

    Guess what? Last week was a whole year that I’ve been on Word Press and I forgot to have a celebration!

    You almost make me want to be a nerd. lol
    Ah, I’m old and I know enough stuff. I don’t need to know any more crap.
    And don’t be sorry, I might sound like I care, but I’ll tell you a secret. shhhhh… I don’t really give a sh**. ;-P

  4. my first thought is that you pasted the wrong link into the widget that holds “top clicks”…

    as for posting pics, i upload all my stuff to flickr.
    flickr sets up the html code automatically for you to paste it elsewhere.

    next, i go to the “write post” page, click on the “code” tab and paste in the html that i got from flickr.

    i’ve tried using their app for it in the “write post” but it doesn’t come out very well. it’s either too big or too small.

    let me know if that helps, or if you need for me to send you an email with pictures in it. i’m a picture person myself.

  5. I’ve become a video person, seems that YouTube has suddenly become more addictive again.

    Young Knives, The Futureheads, I Was a Cub Scout, to mention but a few all have new material cropping up.

    Still wrestling with the pictures?! I think its a ploy for attention…

  6. P’let: Thanks kiddo. Next time I have a free, I dunno, 6 hours or so, I’ll give that another shot…

    BD: Oh, I can post video, that’s no problem for me.
    And I’ll check out what you suggested.
    Actually, I haven’t tried for quite awhile. Yeah, you know me, never enough attention. ;-P

  7. And WordPress hasn’t pist you off yet?

  8. M+: Word Press has never denied me access to my blog, the opportunity to post nor pressured me to upgrade my account. Any problems I’ve had stemmed from my own incompetence.

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