Karma Sale
30-70% off Karma. Only $2.95 Shipping – entire order!

(Ran across this in my travels this evening and thought I would share.  I hate to pass up a good deal like this, but what if you buy it (even at this great price!) and it’s bad… Then you’re just stuck with it?  Nah, I’ll stick with what I have now.)

6 responses to “A STEAL!

  1. very cute indeed, that’s not even somethin’ i’d mess with 🙂

  2. My head is about to explode !!!
    There are so many comments I could make, but they’re all getting jammed up inside my gray matter.

  3. Piglet and M+: I’m laughing because M’s comment here is so much like one I left at Piglet’s one day…

  4. I would have figured you could get karma at wally mart but not there. Huh, I don’t think I will get any though, just in case.

  5. So what was it, actually?

  6. BD: Not as interesting as I’d hoped. I just looked real quick, there was a page of products- books, music, t-shirts, art, etc. that had the word Karma in the title or on it somewhere. And they were all on sale . Yes, up to 70% off!

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