I’m not exactly sure what’s gotten into me today, but I’m on a rampage. An actual rampage.

I did my normal Saturday Morning thing, where I pour the coffee and sit down to plan my strategy for the day. As always, there is a pile of need-to-sort mail and assorted stuff I hate to deal with and so I don’t on the dining room table. After having been out of commission as I was for several days this week, the pile was more daunting than usual. Something in me just freaked and I got this insatiable urge to throw out every single item in my house that doesn’t have grave importance or strong sentimental attachment.

I only stopped now because I needed a coffee refill and I’m running out of space in the trash can that was almost empty when I started piling crap in there.

How does one accumulate so much meaningless garbage that takes up space and makes you feel bogged under? Requests from charities for donations, financial and health publications, odd little notes and phone numbers with no name attached and sale flyers for places I don’t even shop. Quirky little knick-knack things that I picked up, God-know’s-where because I thought it would add character to my dining room/livingroom/kitchen/whatever and all it really serves is one more thing to clean. That magazine subscription that I’m already four months behind in reading. That wedding favor that is just too cute to throw out and you know someone spent time and love to create. How many of those can you cram in the back of a curio cabinet? Art supplies that I keep buying with the intention of finding time to be creative. And the clothes… Don’t even get me started.

PD has been planning a yard sale for two, maybe three years now. We have a pile of items in a spare room ranging from Country CDs to DVDs that just aren’t good enough to watch more than once. Some things are just not garbage if you consider you could get a couple of bucks for them. That holds true, though, only if you actually create a forum in which you can actually interact with those willing to actually exchange actual cash for your unwanted items. In other words, if you actually have the yard sale. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen and the cursed pile of crap is going to grow and grow and eventually take over the house. It actually could happen. I can picture it.

Nobody has yard sales in PA in February. It could be months before that can actually happen. That, my friend, scares the actual bejeezus outta me, cause that creates the possibility of even more crap finding its way into our home.

Please Lord, grant me the strength to part with what I do not need, to keep what I do and the wisdom to know the difference.

Weeks from now, I don’t wanna be wandering around, scratching my head and wondering where the hell I put the checkbook or the remote for the upstairs TV. Don’t be chuckling then when I post about it.

15 responses to “ACTUALLY…

  1. I just wanted to say hi, and to thank you for your many comments on my site. Blogger changed the way they alert me that there is new comments, so many of them I just discovered. I definitely appreciate your continued support of my silly ramblings! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, good God, how familiar does this sound to me?
    Every time I look at my beautiful dining room table I want to just sweep everthing off of it into a garbage can. Unfortunately, I know there are things in that mess that I will need later on. I don’t know what they are, or why I’ll need them. All I know is if I toss it all, I’ll discover too late which ones they were…

  3. I once had to dig through a garbage can to fish out a check for $175 after I had “purged.” Yeah. I know.

  4. I’m very fortunate that my wife is not only a stay-at-home mom, but also our bookkeeper. She takes care of any and all paperwork, and is damn good at it. Sure, I did a good job of it before I married her, but I was 21 at the time and hadn’t truly had much to manage.

    I have a clear picture of how it would be were she not around — and it’s not far from the one you paint in this post.

  5. Hey, I’m the same too!

    I have ALL my useless stuff from waaaayyyy back kept in various boxes and bins, I find it impossible to throw anything away…old shoe missing a heel, old LP album scratched beyond playability…OK these one could put down to sentimentality, but here’s the ones that make me ripe for commitment….old burnt-out lightbulbs! I can’t throw the stupid things away, who knows one day the filaments may have value…!!!!!

    Last week I had a band gig and needed to put a small box in my car’s booth…it nearly broke my heart to clear away 3 empty jerry cans and 2 boxes of every old car component that has needed to be changed the past few years (hey those worn-out brake pads may come in handy someday, also that frayed timing belt…) Of course I didn’t actually THROW away any of the stuff, just put it into another box and kept it in a corner in the house.

    I could start my own junkyard business. Except I’d never sell anything.

  6. I go through phases…sometimes I couldn’t give a crap….and then I go crazy! Clothes has to be the worst. We recently (ryan and I) went through our closet. We got a basket full of “yard sale” stuff and an entire garbage bag full of clothes that no one would want. It’s insane! I hate clutter! Another thing I can’t stand is McDonalds toys and “treat bag assortments” that my kids accumulate. Aiden is a pack rat and you can not purge any toys unless he’s left the building…..even then he notices if you’ve thrown away a single piece of paper. I hope he grows out of it!

  7. Scott: You’re welcome, thanks for stopping over. πŸ™‚

    M+: I hear you, man! I wish there was the equivalent of a Do Not Call list for junk mail.

    Oh Hazel: That had to suck big time.

    Mark: Which is why I’m so dreadfully jealous of SAHMs.

    Raggy: You made me feel much, much better… πŸ˜‰

    Natalie: It’s amazing how things pile up after only a couple days “off.” We don’t have an over-abundance of toys here. I have a chest in the dining room for Julian’s books, papers, etc. and the front hall has a large tote and a toy box for toys. As the grandkids grow, though, I see the boxes growing too! But that kind of stuff doesn’t bother grandmothers. Its all the other stuff!

  8. I have the same pile in my laundry room but it is going to be gone soon because I am going to go to our local flea market soon.

    One thing I wanted to mention if you are interested, is that you can donate CDs, DVDs, books and some magazine subscriptions to your local libraries. I have given them textbooks as well and always get a donation receipt from them so I can claim it on my taxes. Our local libary is always in need of more current things so they are willing to take just about anything off our hands in that regard. You might check it out unless you think you might get a lot of money for those things by selling them yourself.

    There are public libraries but even the community colleges will take this stuff. When we moved from NC our local CC took 4 years of Nat Geo mags that we were just keeping because it is hard to throw away Nat Geo. Some doctors offices will take magazines as well as some fitness centers….anyhow, just an idea.

  9. I too am a comment whore. Found you via “Shooter’s Station.” I laughed when I read your “100 things” because many of them reminded me of me.

  10. Mishka: Thanks for the suggestion. Now I just have to decide which things I can actually part with for good … I have those National Geographics too πŸ˜‰

    Bailey: Hi πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check out your blog. (Somehow I doubt that you are a 50-something Grandmother of three who drives too fast and listens to music too loud. But if you are, I will be your newest faithful reader! lol)
    Wow, I haven’t been at Shooter’s Station in ages, I should maybe stop over there.

  11. If you do have a yard sale in the spring let me know. I would love to comb through your stuff πŸ™‚

  12. Fab: Knowing you as I do explains why I can’t stop laughing. BUT, if I do, I’ll let you know because, well. You know why.

  13. Ah, a yard sale – that grand affair that is American in its little details…

    We have so much stuff to turf, since who could have predicted to get my stuff into our house I would need to thin JT’s ten fold.
    Plus, a country CD – I hope that is going in the β€˜free’ pile…

  14. BD: You’re learning to speak the language here πŸ™‚
    Hope you don’t mind, I used my new auto post merge on your comment(s)
    JT let you get rid of her stuff???
    Not A country CD, a huge boxful. Around here unsuspecting people actually pay good money for the stuff. But I appreciate your sentiment.

  15. i salute you my rampaging sista!

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