Still Funky – Kaspar Galli

So the other day I get mail from our friend Kaspar Galli, inviting me to view his new video on YouTube. It is quite funky and I wanted to share it with you. And guys, if you’re wondering if there’s anything in it (the video) for you, the answer would be yes… that is, if you appreciate a rather impressively-endowed scantily-clad female playing air guitar… 😉

I told him I was posting about it here, so he may drop by to see comments. Make him feel good.

(Reason for the title… when I met Kaspar, he gave me a copy of his Stranded cd.  When I asked him if he’d sign it, I told him that I felt like I was 14 again.  His response was, “And I feel  like a rock star!”  I think maybe he is well on his way to just that.)

11 responses to “I KNOW A ROCK STAR!

  1. Very cool! I loved the various references to other artists and their songs.
    Believe it or not, I have a deep appreciation for funk. The bass lines are always so complex. It’s the kinda stuff I wish I could play. But my fingers just aren’t that fast, or flexible, anymore.

    And the hottie playing air-guitar is wonderful eye-candy…

  2. Funk’n’boobies.

    I dig those references, too. The music and the vocals here are good stuff.

    It’s almost sad how many talented musicians out there never get their big break. I hope he does.

  3. M & M: Glad you guys liked it. Kaspar is a fun guy. And if you happened to click the link on my old blog which took you to his site, his bio is quite interesting and impressive. He’s played with some great musicians. I knew you’d appreciate the chick…

    Here’s that link if you’re interested:

    I’m thinking of mailing him and asking him to share the making of the video with us…

  4. when i read the title, i thought you must have been talking about me 🙂

    this is an awesome song!

  5. Piglet: lol, you are priceless 😀

  6. Although, I can’t give you a video…

  7. BD: Yes, but then you are a genius. I’m not going to venture a post about that, of course.
    Hope you are well and happy.

  8. I don’t believe that “well endowed” quite covers that woman, parts of her kept moving well after the rest of her had stopped!

    Anyway, I really like that. He covered most of my album collection through his various artist references in the song. I think I will play that again when everyone isn’t asleep and CRANK IT UP!

  9. Hi everybody – Kaspar Galli here……thanks Linda for posting my clip and thanks for all the kind and sometimes funny comments!
    I ‘ll be happy to answer any questions…….You can find more of my stuff on YouTube:
    Sayonara, KG

  10. Cool. I like the vibe. Has an 80s hue but the funky beat is just awesome!

  11. Jeff: I thought you would like it for sure.

    Kaspar: Thanks for stopping. This made for a fun post. 🙂

    Melinda: Glad you liked it.

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