My poor mom called me when I got home from work today to ask if she’d left a shopping bag in my car. Seems one of her purchases was missing but showed up on her receipt from the store where I’d dropped her off while I returned PD’s movies.

I checked my backseat and trunk and found nothing. I called her back and broke the news to her and suggested she call the store. She did and found that indeed, she’d left one bag at the check-out. When she asked if they could hold it for her she was informed of the store policy which stated that they will only hold a forgotten purchase until the end of the day on which it was purchased. They are not to remain at the customer service desk overnight. At the end of the day the purchase is returned to the floor. If she brings in her receipt, they will issue her a refund.

I think this kinda sucks. The chances of it being there when we go back, even if it’s tomorrow, are kind of slim. It was really nice and it was marked waaaay down. I can understand that there may not be a lot of room to store people’s forgotten purchases but how many people in one day leave things behind? I would tend to think that not a lot of big things get forgotten. And shouldn’t the cashiers be a little more conscientious, maybe taking an extra minute to help out the elderly customers?

I guess I’m having a hard time accepting that my mom isn’t as self-reliant as she used to be…

10 responses to “SHAWPIN’ UPDATE

  1. It’s a shame that this happens to anyone, but the elderly certainly do need someone looking out for them. Too often they are the innocent victims of countless scams just because they’re willing to trust people more readily – typically because of the time in which they grew up.
    As for your mom becoming less self-reliant, I fear I am not too far away from that myself. I’ll keep you both in my prayers.

  2. elderly or not, that is a STUPID policy in my mind. seriously, why can’t they extend it out just a bit?

  3. That is a ridiculous policy. I have left a bag at Steve and Barry’s and found it there a week later and that was at Christmas!

  4. I’m glad you all agree. I’m going there today and try to find the thing. I’m hoping no one bought it.

  5. They must not work on commission, I’d hold a bag for a month if it meant I’d get that percentage.

  6. I’m with everybody else on this one. What’s the big deal? And don’t they realize they risk losing a valuable customer when they enforce something like that? Retail is too cutthroat, I would think, for any store to do this.

    I love your beachy banner. I guess you can tell I haven’t been over to the actual web site in a while. I’ve been reading via my RSS reader, and at work I’ve become more conscious of the time that web pages are up on my screen. At home, I’m working on spending less time at the computer.

    So, I’m still reading, but more as a lurker these days.

  7. I was able to find it after all. It only took just under an hour. I had just given up and turned a corner and almost ran into a display. It was the only one of it’s kind. Now I just need to decide if I should call her with the good news or surprise her with it after she’s forgotten about it.

  8. I’d go for the surprise! Although I have a hard time holding on to surprises for more than a few days…….

  9. Oh give it to her. Things like this stress out the elderly. It will totally make her day/week.

  10. Natalie: I think I will. Her birthday is coming.

    Lori: Actually, more than likely she’s forgotten about it by now.

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