I should have done this at the beginning of the year, but I din’t .  So I’m doing it now.  Putting birthdays in my datebook.  I have quite of few of them already but some I’m not sure of.  If you would like to share your birthday, please leave it in the comments.  I can’t promise an entire post about your birthday but maybe we can talk someone on my blogroll into jumping out of a cake for you or something.

Thanks 🙂

16 responses to “DON’T LEAVE YET!

  1. August 8, 1975

  2. Lori: You are only 3 weeks older than my son…

  3. You don’t remember if I had chicken pox or not, so i’m not taking any chances:

    April 30, 1987

  4. that makes me almost able to purchase alcohol, right?

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I am pretty sure I remember a story that your kids had the chicken pox about the same time Craig and I had them. And I also think it’s hilarious that Jujubee put the wrong year cause she never could remember how old she was.

    October 5,1977

  6. juju WISHES she was born in 1987.

  7. June 3, 1980 or if I’m going by JuJu’s math, 1990 😉

  8. what a sweet thing to do. and since you are so sweet, that is why I have passed on a Valentine to you. You were quicker than me though by replying to my post already! Anyway, you can feel free to grab the pic and post it on your blog sending wishes to others with it. I am not much for rules either though in the blogging world so it is entirely up to you if you want to do that. Either way, just know that I appreciate finding your blog and have been very much enjoying it.

    BTW, my REAL b-day is 3/13/7X but shh…don’t tell a soul!

  9. Ju: You are a bona fide smart ass. I knew you’d come around… 😉 (No, you will have to ask JoJo to buy it for you.)
    Dana: Lan’ sakes, chile, how the hell are you??? I wish you’d been around to offer up this little bit of information before it got out to the whole world. Nary a family gathering goes by now that I’m not reminded what a parental wasteoid I am. But really, what mother IN THE WORLD can’t remember when or if her child had the chicken pox. I deserve the ridicule.

    I just did the math as to the actual age Ju will be on her birthday… GAH! It. Can’t. Be. Do you think we should tell her?

    BTW, I’m needing your new address. Thanks for the Christmas card!
    Hazel: Don’t we all???
    JoJo: lol. But I know yours!
    Melinda: Thank you Sweet, but I would find some way to screw it up. I appreciate the wish though! And I’m way glad to have you reading here, and enjoying your blog when I can.
    You are so not going to believe this but your birthday is the day before mine. Can you believe it? We were sooo destined to find each other.
    Ok, I’ll quit gushing now before we make everybody else gag.

  10. Wow, Melinda, THAT is a coincidence!

  11. Even though you’ve posted birthday wishes to my blog when it’s come around, I don’t know if that means you have it written down. So, 10/26 is what you need to know.

  12. Pretty sure you have this, but I don’t want to be on your naughty list for not telling you! Dec. 29, 1977.

  13. JuJu: I STILL can’t decipher if you’re being sincere or making fun of me!

    M+: Thanks, yours was one that I didn’t have on my calendar.

    Natalie: I have yours but you’d never qualify for that list!

  14. We don’t see you around,
    Much, anymore.
    We said don’t forget.
    It’s the same address,
    did you get those calls?
    About punching walls?

  15. August 9th, 1970…..Oh yeah! My childhood photos have me pictured in big bowl hair and bell-bottom jeans. For those that suck in math, it leaves me at 37 years later, a wife, three kids, a dog, a cat, and a case of mid-life mellowness……..

  16. BD: Would you mind mailing me a translation? Plz.

    Joey: You’re young to be experiencing that “mellow” thing. While not probable- but possible- young enough for me to be old enough to be your mother. And I’m only seeing fleeting moments of “mellow”… What’s yer secret?

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