Today marks another very special occasion. It is Jeff A’s birthday. I would like to wish him a really great day.

Of all my blogging buddies, I’m pretty sure Jeff and I go back the furthest. I used to read Rude Cactus daily. I would always read the comments because usually they were as good as Chris’s posts. (Well, almost...) After having read many of Jeff’s comments there, I decided he was a pretty funny guy and I started reading his blog. And have been ever since. I did a little searching and the oldest post I found on my old blog that Jeff commented on was this, so he’s been reading here at least since then. (January of 2006)

I kind of feel like Jeff is the fifth brother I never had. We’ve had some interesting parallels in our lives and I’ve always admired how he keeps such a positive attitude and maintains his great sense of humor. When I’m having a rough time, he’s always there offering prayers and kind words. He’s often been an inspiration to me and I cherish the friendship we’ve built. Even though I sent him a Christmas card and he had to explain to his wife who I was…. lol. [He gave me his address when I expressed that I’d like to send him a card for crying out loud; it’s not like I just surprised him… ;-)]

Anyway. Amigo, please have a wonderful birthday. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you a huge virtual hug. (I’d send you a card, but… you know. )

3 responses to “WISHES FOR MY AMIGO

  1. PARTY!

    The month of February seems to be full of friends birthdays.

  2. Thank you very much. I am honored that you remembered! 🙂

  3. awesome and happy birthday jeff!

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