Quite awhile ago, I wrote a post about compliments.  If I could find/remember (ha!) my log-in for my old blog, I could hook you up with a link.  I remember I got a ton of comments that day and we all enjoyed that huggy, smiley, glad-I-came-here kind of feeling.  I’m going to aim that high again today by asking you to share with us.

We all like to get compliments.  Some of us are more gracious at accepting them than others.  It took me until just a few years ago to learn how to accept a compliment.  Most of the time, when someone offers you a compliment, it is their intention to make you feel good.  When you counter with comments such as these below, it does nothing more than make the complimenter feel uncomfortable and they will most likely reconsider the idea of complimenting you in the future.

  • Oh yeah. Right.
  • What, this old thing?  I dug it out of laundry basket and just threw it on.
  • You must need your bi-focals changed.
  •  It’s a hand-me-down from my step-monster.
  •  I think it was a re-gift. (Big faux pas She gave you that for your birthday, moron.)

Anyway, there are way more acceptable ways to thank your complimenter for noticing that you put forth some degree of effort in your appearance.  Or how you pulled off that dinner party.  Or how you made their day or whatever.

By and large, I find the absolute best way to accept a compliment is also the easiest way.  No second guessing or wondering if there is some ulterior motive involved.  Look that person straight in the eye, muster up the biggest smile you can and say, sincerely, “Thank you so much.”  When you say it enough times, it starts coming out automatically and you don’t even have to stop and think about it.

What I would like to know is this:  What is the greatest compliment that you’ve received?  Feel free to add how that compliment made you feel and/or what your reaction was.

I receive so many compliments on a daily basis that it would be impossible for me to narrow it down to the one greatest. So I won’t.

Had you going there, didn’t I? *giggles*

Incidentally, just the other day someone told me I was “cool as hell.” (really!)  Considering that the only thing I have ever aspired to be, is COOL, I have to say that (for this week anyway,) that was my best compliment.  It made me feel, well… very cool.  And if you get hot flashes as often as I do, that’s never a bad thing.  😉

12 responses to “CAN I MAKE YOU BLUSH?

  1. What a good post! It is so true about handling compliments. I have to admit that sometimes I try to play it off with the whole, “yeah, right” too. I am not sure why, maybe a little low self esteem going on here.

    I wish I could think of the best compliment I have had, probably when my hubby told me that I make the greatest mom. I of course, rolled my eyes a bit, because I feel like the greatest mom wouldn’t ever yell or scold her 4 year old. But hey, I guess even the greatest mom can’t be perfect. I will still hold that compliment though close to my heart.

  2. i am trying to think of my best compliment. since i have no memory, i’d say it would be from my son who told me today that i was the best mom in all the land.

    you know, i’ve been writing a post in my head about this very thing. over the last weekend i got a compliment and i tried to push it off and it dawned on me, it’s like someone giving you a gift and you saying, “i hate this gift you big dummy.”

  3. Best compliment, hmmm. Probably when a boss at my old job told me he wished he had 25 more of me. I thanked him, once I stopped gaping, see this man did not compliment anyone, ever. I was shocked and so were the people around me. Of course I think they were more shocked that he had just dissed them as well as complimented me.

  4. Coaching softball the past two years for 6 and Unders, I had several parents come up after the season was over and tell me “I was the best coach they have had” for their kids. This from parents who have already had multiple kids through the system.

    As for how it made me feel…well…pretty damn good. It makes me want to continue to coach even though there are ALOT of idiot parents who have unreal expectations for 6 to 8 year olds.

  5. Excellent post. I typically respond to a compliment by saying “Thank you. I really appreciate that.” because I always do.
    As for my best compliment. I’ll start by saying that I’ve gotten some pretty remarkable compliments from every one of my supervisors, in all of my careers. But one in particular, from my current supervisor, has always stood out;
    “Michael, you’re a good worker and a good Christian man, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a harsh, or negative word come out of your mouth.”
    This was something he said to me several years ago after a co-worker started a nasty rumor about me bad-mouthing some of the people who worked on my production line. It was good to know that he held me in such regard, and that he was willing to defend me to those people.

  6. I am on a few Boards of Directors and regularly get applause for my hard work. It feels very good and makes me blush.

  7. The best compliment for me is when someone tells me how cute and well-behaved my boys are…..of course more often than not I think they are little monsters, but I guess when compared to children I see in the general public, they are good boys!

  8. Everybody: I’m just going to wait and see all the answers, maybe until the weekend. If you think of others, feel free to share them too. These are fun so far and I’m enjoying all the huggy, smiley stuff. Maybe some lurkers will even come out!

  9. I can think of two compliments:

    Back when I was teaching, I had two different parents tell me I was a wonderful teacher to their daughters. Those really meant something.

  10. A client guessed my age at 35, the same age as her mother. I was overly joyed.

    But the best compliments are when people tell me what great boys I have raised. And that my dog is well-behaved.

  11. My most memorable compliment came from my second grade son. He was eating a dinner that he was enjoying and told me, “Mother, you are a good cook. Almost as good as the lunchroom ladies”.

    Out of the mouths of babes….

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