Today was not such a good day. My workday consisted of performing an 8-hour series of mindless tasks. Which afforded me 8 hours of thinking time. Ordinarily I might welcome that kind of day but today, not so much. I’m not sure whether to blame it on the cold meds I’m taking or just my present state of mind. It was like WWIII was set and fought (both sides, losing) in this arena we (jokingly, sometimes…) refer to as my head.

It became painfully obvious to me well before 9am that the consequences of a neglected mind can be brutal. There were so many unresolved issues and random thoughts in my head that they just kind of avalanched and left me buried in my own brain dump at the bottom of the hill. Try as I might to concentrate on a single thing, to even untangle one knotted thread was an exercise in futility.

But today did serve a purpose. I’m quite convinced that I need to slow down. Quit cramming so much in. Let some out. And find some quiet time, just for me and my best friend (my brain.)

Tonight I plan to curl up with a bottle of wine and a borrowed copy of Casablanca. If I don’t like it any better than I did the first time, then it will just be me and the wine.

12 responses to “ISO: SERENITY

  1. that, my friend sounds like a great plan. vegging is good, as is slowing down. sometimes i think i get sick b/c my body and mind have had enough of my shit. they go on defense and force me to slow down.

  2. P’let: It’s getting so that I know what you’re going to say before you say it. I like that.
    Here’s looking at you, kid πŸ˜‰

  3. We drank a bottle of Lassegue Saint Emillon Grand Cru 2003 last night. It was outstanding! It wasn’t cheap but it was worth the price.

  4. C’lav: I had one single glass of Bully Hill Sweet Walter. It was very good and I could pronounce it… ;-P Casablanca let me down again. Kinda like the sushi.

  5. wine, makes me think.

  6. Slowing down is definitely the way to go. As you’re well aware, my computer was down for a few weeks. They were some of the best weeks I’ve spent in a long time. I had no choice but to slow-down. I was in my bedroom reading and relaxing by 8:00 everynight. And I was usually asleep between 9:00-9:30. I haven’t been this well rested or relaxed in years. And, as I’m also sure you’re aware from my recent return and blog posts, I expect to maintain this habit (except on weekends)
    If you can experience just half of the restorative down-time I’ve been having, you’ll be fine in no time. I’ll keep you in my prayers for that.

  7. M+: Thanks for this. I’m seriously considering cutting down my online time. As much as I enjoy interacting with my online pals, it can get time consuming and I have what would probly be construed as a “highly addictive” personality and I tend to get caught up and forget the wisdom of “Everything in moderation…”
    Please save your prayers for more important issues! But I appreciate the thoughts.

  8. Once again, you’re speaking my language;
    I’ll admit, it’s kinda tough to limit myself now that I’m back online. But I’ve taken the approach that I’m either “fasting” from my media feeds, or “tithing” my online time. It helps me to stay focused on why I’ve decided to maintain my down-time.
    Don’t you think I ought to be my own judge of important issues to pray for?
    It’s not like God is gonna get sick of listening to me. It’s not like my prayers for you are gonna bump somebody else out their position, or make God choose your needs over someone else’s. I’m pretty sure that if He can maintain the vast cosmos and all of their workings, He can manage a little time to address whatever’s troubling you. And how could I honestly consider myself a servant of His if I’m not willing to serve – even in such a small capacity.
    Ya know what? I think I’ll toss in a few extra prayers for you. Just because I can. So there!

  9. I’m basically unplugged all weekend. I occasionaly read some news or post to 2dP while I’m having a cup of coffee but thats about it. In fact, the only time I’m plugged in is during the work day and that’s it. When I’m home, the family deserves my undivided attention. If my spouse has to work, I’ll jump on and do some gaming but for the most part I’ve decidedly become more anti-tech as I got older.

    I was really addicted to the internet and online gaming (DAoC and EQ) about 8 years ago and I just went cold turkey for 2+ years. Since then, I’ve kept it (the internet) as a tool since then.

  10. C’lav: Don’t be droppin’ names of games around here, dude. I ain’t got no idea whatcher talkin’ ’bout. Oh wait! EverQuest is one!
    Need help with the other… give me a hint.

    M+: Thanks for your prayers, since you insist.

  11. DAoC = Dark Age of Camelot which was developed by Mythic (which is now EA Mythic). will give you a basic overview of the game. I played ALOT of DAoC….way way too much over an 8 month period before I just quit. The game basically rewards you the more that you play. Then you start to develop relationships with people who depend upon you to play. In the end it started to seem like work rather than fun.

    I still do some gaming, but its pretty limited to the Xbox 360, where I can stop and start as time is available.

  12. Caslav: I see you do not take direction well. I asked for a hint. We will have to work on that.
    I’m kidding. I never would have guessed that. I only know EQ because Sammy played it…
    I played Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda with my kids when they were little. That’s the extent of my “gaming experience.” And that’s ok by me πŸ˜‰ I spend enough time on here as it is. Thanks, tho’ for the info and the link.

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