Okay, so maybe I had the means to post while in NY but not the inclination.  I was busy reading assorted books with Julian, having tea with Madeline and dancing with Drew.  We had a really nice time with the JuJu’s despite the cold temperatures and the speed with which the weekend flew.  It seemed as if we’d just arrived when it was time to leave.  As always, Ju is a great hostess and took great care of us.  Wouldn’t let me lift a finger.  Here’s a typical scene:

I approach the dish drainer with a dish towel in my hand with the intention of drying dishes so that JuJu can relax.  Instead I’m ordered to “Go play with your grandchildren!”  Okay, no argument there.  You don’t have to tell me twice! 🙂

On the way out we stopped at a record store I’d spied on a couple of previous trips.  We wanted to case the joint and decide if we might like to make it a routine stop on our trips.  All I needed was to see the huge selection of cds and hear the Replacements blaring on the PA system.  Yes, we include the store in our future travels.

Forgive me, I could and should have included several links in this post but I feel a bugger of a headache coming on and I’d just like to say, despite some treacherous and interesting driving conditions, we made it there and back safely (Thanks Chris… and Mr. Moon) and Thanks For a Great Weekend to the JuJu’s.  Love You Lots!!!

2 responses to “BACK HOME

  1. Glad your back all safe and sound. I am ready for my getaway trip now! 🙂

  2. Jeff: Thanks 🙂
    I think that would make an excellent birthday present to yourself.

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