My daughter, (referred to here most oftenly as) JuJu, rolls her eyes at my fascination with coincidences. I experience them on an uncannily frequent basis and while I don’t share every single one, I do tend to gush over the truly freaky ones. Freaky in my opinion, anyway.

Well, it just so happens that I experienced one just this morning that I’m not only going to share with Ju but all ‘a you too. Hold on to your knickers, I’m tellin’ ya…

Yesterday on the way to the mall, PD informed me that we needed to stop at the auto parts store to purchase oil for my car, as he was planning to change the oil in my car today. We went through the same conversation as usual when I volunteer to pay to have it done and he recites all the reasons that it’s cheaper for him to do it for me.

So we stopped and as it turned out (don’t quote me on this…) he wanted 30 grade oil and they only had 20- and 40 grade oil in stock. So he bought the 20 grade. I asked if that was acceptable, considering the requirements of the warranty on my car. He started to explain that the higher grade oils are thicker and the 40 grade might be too thick and cause problems. I interrupted (my bad) and said “So it would be better to use a runnier oil than a thicker oil?” to which he replied in an assentive manner. The conversation continued but that is all, dear reader, that you need to know to grasp the magnitude of my coincidence.

So this morning I’m reading my daily blog list and I come across an interesting post that suggested I visit a site that will conjure up a list of anagrams for my name. Hmmm, that sounds fun. So I go here. And I type in my name and this is what comes up. Let your eyes feast themselves on the seventh anagram.

Don’t even tell me the hairs on your arms aren’t doing that funny little dance number.

12 responses to “GOOSEBUMPS

  1. THAT’S CRAZY….. oooooooooo…..

  2. Oh, that is freaky.

  3. That’s kind of cool.

    You car’s manual tells what kind of oil is best for your car. Also, thicker usually is better in hotter months, whereas thinner generally works better in colder weather, because it makes it easier for your engine to start.

    At least, that’s what I’ve always heard. Also, as the car gets older, it can be better to run thicker oil.

  4. Very cool! Glad I could help you with that one.

  5. Ok, so MAYBE that’s a coincidence. Fine.

  6. That is pretty cool….

  7. WOW, that is amazing. i must go and do it now.

    pisces are psychic you know.

  8. wow! must have freaked you out, that coincidence….

    now I got to go check if mine says “change guitar strings” or what 🙂

  9. How very odd!
    I had a huge list on mine but this one stood out for me:

    A Jewellers Fine Fly

  10. Oh, what I’ve been missing in my absence. It’s good to see that this coincidence thing is kinda normal for you.

  11. That is so weird. I love things like this because they really make you stop in your tracks and think, what the heck, how can this be?

    I tried my own name out and got some really crazy stuff. No freaky coincidences though, just freaky stuff.

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