It’s setting in. I feel it. No more Christmas cards in the mail. Just bills. No more yummy homemade cookies in the cupboard. Just Oreos. No good excuses to pour a drink. Except maybe ennui. No more pretty packages to open. Just trying to find a way to fit all that cursed styrofoam packing into a trash bag.

Christmas is over for another year. But it was glorious and new memories were made. Like when Maddie the granddaughter asked if she could accompany me upstairs. Sure I said. I was getting dressed and I was half-way there when she declared, “Nana, I wike your butt!” What else could I say, but “I like your butt, too, Maddie.”

It was so great to have the whole family together this year. My brother from SC doesn’t always make it home for Christmas but did this year and we had a great time. He’s got a delightful family. Actually, I’m amazingly blessed with an exceptionally cool family. Just getting them all together constitutes a holiday, no matter what time of year it is. And no matter how much time we spend getting caught up or reminiscing, it just is never enough. Saying goodbye is hard but it makes the time we have together that much more precious.

JuJu’s family was here for four days. That was not nearly enough time for me. When they left, PD and I rattled around this big empty house and you could have heard a pin drop. Sometimes (ok, always) I cry when they leave. This time especially. I’ve become keenly aware of how fast time passes and how quickly the little ones grow. They will have changed even more by the next time we’re together.  My son, Michael, made a resolution of sorts, promising to drop in more often.  (My part of the bargain was to agree to watch every episode of  The Office with him.  Not a bad deal, I’m thinking…)

So, now we are back to “normal” time (unlike the 11 days I had off work for the Holiday which sped by at warp speed) which will linger on until Spring when we’ll have something more to look forward to than snow and dark mornings and early sunsets.

Ahhh. Makes me want to take a long nap. Wake me up in mid-March.

PS Did you see the perfect, beautiful crescent Moon this morning? Was gorgeous

6 responses to “HO HUMMMM…

  1. Glad you had a good time.

    The only thing i saw in the sky were a bunch of ugly clouds. Figures I get a new telescope for Christmas and it’s gloomy out all the time now, that or too darn cold to stand still.

  2. Jeff: PD said there was some kind of meteor shower (night before last?) I’m guessing you didn’t see it either…

  3. Mid March sounds just about right.

  4. No, unfortunately we were cloudy then too. I had gotten a heads up about it from spaceweather and as usual, I didn’t get to see it.

  5. awww that’s a heartfelt lovie post and i likes it!

  6. Jeff: Hopefully you’ll get a good chance to see something good soon. It’s 60 degrees here today 🙂

    Jay: Hi 🙂 Nice of you to come by. See you again in March??? 😉

    P’let: Love the new pic 🙂

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