I’ve hurriedly and haphazardly (how else do I do anything?) compiled my list of favorite music for the year. The songs are in no particular order and are not all current. Some are older songs that I’ve only just discovered this year. I’m constantly digging around for music and sometimes find it in weird, obscure places. Consequently, I’m either listening to old, older or oldest music and sometimes (freakishly often, as a matter of fact) even find things before the rest of the world even hears it or falls in love with it and makes it famous. So there is a bit of a mix here but it’s most of my favorites that I’ve been listening to over the past twelve months.


  • Dashboard ~ Modest Mouse
  • Feist ~ I Feel It All
  • Llorando (Crying) ~ Rebekah Del Rio
  • Living in Poverty ~ Raggy
  • Roscoe ~ Midlake (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve version)
  • No Key, No Plan ~ Okkervil River
  • A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger ~ Of Montreal
  • Cooler Then ~ Slim Dunlap
  • Our Lady in Havanna ~ The Essex Green
  • Heartbeats ~ The Knife
  • The Leaver’s Dance ~ The Veils
  • Hoodlum Jacket ~ Van Go
  • Bridge and Tunnel ~ The Honorary Title
  • Fidelity ~ Regina Spektor
  • Bouncing Off Clouds ~ Tori Amos
  • That Flying Feeling ~ Crash Test Dummies
  • Song for a Winter’s Night ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • I Wanna Be Adored ~ Stone Roses
  • Staring at the Sun~ TV on the Radio
  • Home ~ Lou Barlow
  • Banquet ~ Bloc Party
  • Feeling of Falling ~ Bonnie Raitt
  • Not Just Words ~ The Black Heart Procession
  • Black Horse and the Cherry Tree ~ KT Tunstall
  • Silver Lining ~ Rilo Kiley
  • A Favor House Atlantic ~ Coheed and Cambria
  • Smokin’ the Edge ~ Dabrye
  • If You Live ~ Matt Pond PA
  • Strokin’ ~ Clarence Carter
  • Nothing But Green Lights ~ Tom Vek
  • Fire ~ SN
  • Closer ~ Matt Pond PA
  • Are You Alright? ~ Lucinda Williams
  • Grand National ~ John Butler Trio
  • Better Part of Me ~ House of Fools
  • The Storm ~ Stevie Nicks
  • The Shining ~ Badly Drawn Boy
  • White Trash Beautiful ~ Everlast
  • *The Good, the Bad and the Queen ~ Album of the Same Name
  • *Eyes Open ~Snow Patrol
  • *Neon Bible ~ Arcade Fire
  • *Boxer ~The National
  • *Ga Ga Ga ~ Spoon
  • *Under the Blacklight ~ Rilo Kiley
  • *Musicforthemorningafter ~ Pete Yorn
  • I Can’t Think Anymore ~ Linda and the Dead Brain Cells

*Entire Album

18 responses to “MY TOP 40 SONGS IN 2007

  1. Don’t think I’ll have the ability to be here at midnight and possibly not even tomorrow…..just want to make sure that I tell Happy New Year!!!! (pass the message to PD and the JuJu clan as well).

  2. Now wait a second… you made up that last one!

    I recognize a lot of these and love them, as well. Thanks to a little someone who shared them with me. Otherwise, I haven’t heard much else on the list.

    I was a little surprised by the Clarence Carter selection. Is that a newly discovered song for you, or just one that you have enjoyed a lot this year for some reason? “I stroke it to the east, I stroke it to the west…” indeed.

    Happy New Year!

  3. “The Ju-ju clan.” Is that anything like the Wu-Tang Clan?

  4. I dig your banner. My wife loves glass bottles, and she would dig a windowsill just like that one.

  5. Natalie: Will pass your wishes on. Thanks, you too! πŸ™‚

    Mark, I like your numerous contributions, you’re a real “giving” kinda guy πŸ˜‰ Funny you asked, I always think of Wu-Tang when I write about the J Clan.
    I always loved Strokin’, just never owned it. Thank you iTunes! (I didn’t indicate it here, but it’s the Long and Dirty version that I have. Shhhhh…)
    My windowsill won’t look like that much longer, I just wanted to preserve and pay tribute to it. I love that window. When the sun shines through, the reflections on the opposite wall are awesome. The top shelf (not shown) has bigger bottles, six or seven of them; blue, green, yellow, purple and red.
    You really did say “dig,” didn’t you??? πŸ˜‰ lol

  6. I am embaressed to say, I only recognize Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. I imagine I would recognize some if I heard them, but other than that, I haven’t got a clue.

  7. Lori, Please don’t be embarrassed. Keep in mind that a) I don’t listen to mainstream radio and b) I’m 51 years old. That should explain everything.

  8. Yes, that makes me feel better. Thank you.

  9. Okay, we need to start hanging out and you need to school me. I hardly know any of these…

  10. Fab: K, so when are you comin’ over?

  11. Regina Spektor – always worth mentioning…as well as Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, and The National…great list

    I like that you posted some matt pond PA…i’ve just recently caught the buzz on them, and I have to admit, they put together a good album…both the If You Want Blood EP and the Last Light LP were huge in my introduction to mpPA…and i’m glad…

  12. Rob P: Finally, someone who shares more of my taste πŸ™‚
    MPPA’ song “Closer” that I’ve included (couldn’t pick between the two I chose) is from The Nature of Maps. I’m honestly not familiar with the entire album but definitely have added it to my list of things to look into.
    I feel weird saying “album,” don’t you?
    Thanks for the comment. The more I hear of The National, the more I like ’em. I keep thinking of music I forgot to include… including Beirut, Sparklehorse, Editors, Kings of Leon, Locksley, Albert Hammond, Jr., the Doves, the Fray. Don’t get me on another kick… πŸ˜‰
    Do you go on iLike or lastFM or anywhere I can get to?

  13. haha…yea…album is almost an outdated word by now…but i can’t help it…i like the word and what it brings to mind πŸ™‚

    kings of leon…good call…the fray..obviously…haha…get on as much of a kick as u want…unfortunately…i dont go on iLike or lastFM…sry 😦

    yea…im gonna have to check out nature of maps…maybe look into mmpa’s older stuff…cuz…im sure its just as good as the new stuff…u know? what was ur fav. song on Last Light…mine would have to be a toss up between foreign bedroom and taught to look away

  14. RP: Can’t say I care for Taught to Look Away. It’s too Beatles-esque for me. (I only liked like the first twenty minutes of the Beatles) I like the 80’s-sounding Giving it All Away. But if I had to pic a favorite, it would be It’s Not So Bad. I could love East Coast Ends but it sounds too much like another band (a good one!) that’s been driving me crazy cuz can’t put my finger on it.
    These are the only 3 MPPA albums I’m familiar with. We need to hear the rest! I’m open for recommendations. Mail me if you like.

  15. i would really check out emblems and several arrows later…those are really good albums, and different from last light…as well as the nature of maps, and try to find their EP if you want blood…you’ll get a good spectrum of their music; both where they are and where they came from πŸ™‚

    and im sorry to hear u dont like the beatles…i love them…haha (maybe that’s why i liked taught to look away)

  16. RP: Thanks for the homework, Teach. Now send me some time. The weekend is almost here, yay!

    It’s funny, when someone finds that I’m not a Fab Four fan, they give me things like sympathy or sideways looks or treat me like I have some incurable, infectious disease.
    I swear, I Wanna Hold Your Hand is in my Top One Hundred of All Time.

  17. RP: Update Saturday- I bought the Matt Pond PA EP you recommended today and it’s absolutely great. Thanks for the tip!

  18. not a problem…glad to spread the matt pond PA love…well i’m glad to hear at least one Beatles song is in your top 100 of all time…any mmPA up there?

    glad to hear u like If You Want Blood…i thought it was pretty awesome too.

    i wish more people knew about matt pond PA…they’re kick-ass

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