Didn’t mean to alarm anyone or seem overly dramatic.   This is something I experience every now and then. And not by choice, obviously. I attribute it to several factors. These days (meaning the past couple of years) a very big part of it is age and hormones. Which is something I just have to work through, not being willing to lean on over-prescribed drugs with lots of nifty-swifty side effects. Another factor is that being a Pisces brings with it a whole big complicated bag of tricks, not the least of which has endowed me with a dual nature (the two fish simultaneously swimming in opposite directions). Which brings us to the other thing that I like to blame, which is one of the more annoying and frustrating thing about being me… And that is what I’m going to try and explain in the coming days. I may have touched on these subjects in the past to one degree or another. Bear with me, I’m basically using this page as a place to sort out my thoughts and work through this. I’m not what you would call an organized thinker and I’ve always had better luck emptying out my head in the form of writing. Keeps things from getting so jumbled up in my head. Forgive me if I end up sounding like a broken record. I have to keep doing this until I get it right. Please don’t feel the need to comment. Unless you know me better than I know myself, there really isn’t a lot you could say that I haven’t already thought of or don’t already know. My brain and emotions have a mind of their own and don’t usually pay much attention to me (their best friend) let alone anyone else. Yeah, I realize that this is part the problem. So read along if you like or come back when you think I’ve had enough recovery time.

Tomorrow I think I’ll post my favorite music of 2007.

On the upside, the JuJu Clan is here and I’m lovin’ it. What a delightful bunch they are 🙂

3 responses to “REALLY. I’M FINE.

  1. I really think we are living some sort of parallel lives. Although I imagine mine can’t be boiled down to hormones, other than the fact that I live with three hormone factories. Things have been really crazy and I have been fighting off depression. If it wasn’t for God and my ability to just block out the world I would probably be in an asylum right now.

    I hope you are feeling better today. Enjoy your family and God bless,
    Jeff A

  2. Are you doing ok? Perhaps you should try some of those meds with the fun side effects. I went back on Celexa about a month ago and definitely feel as if my mood has been elevated. At least it seems as if I’m less edgy.

  3. Brian: I really don’t think I need meds and I don’t want them anyway. I think my “duality” is clashing, big time… I’ll post more about it soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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