… was one of my favorite TV shows when I was 10 or 11 years old.  It was on Wednesday nights which was my parents’ bowling night.  My five brothers and sister and I would be home with a sitter. I don’t recall what all of them would be doing, but I would be glued to the TV watching Mr. Smith perform all sorts of dastardly deeds and Robot, flailing arms, announcing various (albeit obvious) things such as “Alien approaching!  Warning, warning!”  I was torn between two crushes, one on the fully grown, adult and handsome character Don (who had the hots for the Smith’s eldest blonde shapely daughter, Judy) and Will, the adolescent red-haired and freckled son.  Weird combination, I know.  I must have been at some sort of cross-roads in my developing taste for the opposite sex.  Oddly enough, neither of those “types” won over…

I had no intention of sharing that, and have, only because I had started another post having to do with the Christmas I enjoyed so much.  I saved it in my drafts and now it is lost in space.

PD and I enjoyed a particularly lovely day with both of our families.  Lots of huggin’ and kissin’ and laughin’ and eatin’.  In a couple of days we’re gonna do it all over again when my brother from South Carolina arrives with his family AND Juju and her family will be here too.  I’m counting the minutes until I can get my hands on the grandkids. We’ve been having daily phone conversations about their visit and it has added to the excitement.

K, I’m outta here.  I got lots of cooking to do.  I also need to find the angel that I normally put on top of the tree.  Yes, I know its late to be topping off the tree, get off my back!  There is one there now, it’s just not the one I want there.  It’s the grandson’s Spiderman mask. (don’t ask…)  And it looks kind of trippy on an otherwise Victorian-ly decorated tree.

3 responses to “LOST IN SPACE…

  1. “Warning! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”

  2. AWWW! Have fun with the grandkids. I always think it’s so sweet how grandparents just adore their grandkids. My Mom just melts with my kids around. So cute. Enjoy them, and Juju and all thr rest. Such a great time of year, isn’t it. Can you believe I am on a diet. WTF? No, seriously, I have to be. Remember alll the back and foot trouble I was telling you about? I am sure my weight does not help. I mean I am not HUGE or anything, just carrying about 20lbs too many. Cutting out the junk is all I need to do. Anyway, enough about me. Enjoy the rest of your Holidays, and all the best in 2008.

  3. We cannot wait to get there! Madeline woke up sick today btw, good times.

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